Concert Review: Pressure Buss 2nd Pipe @ Hampton Conference Center in Maryland.

Pressure Buss Pipe–a nice word play for a name–burst on the reggae landscape a few years ago with his monster reggae/dancehall hit (Let Me Give You Some “Love and Affection’ You’ve got my attention) and that he certainly did; and has kept music lovers around the globe’s attention since. On Saturday, November 13, Pressure and his Dub 340 band hosted his 2nd Annual Pressure Buss Pipe & Friends concert in the DC MD VA metro area at its new venue, the Hampton Conference Center in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

Mr. Buss Pipe and his friends; the Dub 340 and Storm bands, Jamaica’s former lead singer of the group Black Uhuru, Grammy Award-winning reggae vocalist, Mykal “Grammy’ Rose; from Pressure’s Camp–Virgin Islands’ Revalation da Royal, former Storm band reggae artist Monsoon,  Brooklyn-based new comer Roots & Culture DJ Empress Shaneece,  and 3rd World Band’s keyboard player cum singer Maurice.  Sound systems Reggae Star International, Powertone Sound’s DJ Showtime and New York provided the ‘tune jugglings’ that entertained the audience between performances. WEAA’s host of ‘Roots and Culture’ Papa WaBe did the compare duties as show MC.

Reggae music enthusiasts traveled from as far north as New York,  to as far south as the US Virgin Islands and all points in between (such as Atlanta, Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore Miami) to help Pressure and his musical cohorts ‘Buss De place’, with a musical celebration of real Reggae music.  From Lovers Rock to Roots and Culture the special musical event, like the venue was clean and pristine.  The night was filled with electrifying and memorable performances. The cultural chanters blazed Fire bun pon Babylon; they praised love and sang about sensuality and sexuality while all the time giving praise to the feminine gender without a hint of degradation.  

The evening’s musical account opened with the fresh new female DJ Empress Shaneece. The rising star is a highly motivated artiste who is on a mission to spread positivity and consciousness among all people through her music.  With inspiration from her two beautiful daughters and positive influence from such veterans as Sister Carol, Lady G, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse and Mutabaruka; Shaneece, the Forensic Toxicologist by day and roots and culture singer every other chance she gets, is in the mix of females bringing  the much needed revival that reggae music is experiencing.  Among the tunes, she belted out was her highly acclaimed ‘Hail Him’ which she did in acapella, followed by ‘Truths & Rights’, ‘Which One you Rather ‘and ‘Lioness’ which had the crowd rocking—many of whom were hearing her for the first time.  The empress was received well by the DMV massive. This empress is lyrically charged and filled with potential.

Up next metro DMV’s reggae artist Monsoon who stormed the stage with fire. We missed Revalation da Royal’s set because we were conducting interviews in the press room. When ‘Worlers’ivory tickler, keyboardist Maurice morphed into a sexy tenor voice, he sweetened the vibes. The laid back velvet toned singer casually sauntered through songs from his debut CD ‘Closer.’  He opened sounding and looking uber sexy to boot for the ladies with ‘Come on Over’ then he glided over to her ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ and if she left he would have ‘One Last Cry’.  He then moved to keyboard and tickled the ivories on ‘Someone to Love’ then told her ‘No Matter How Far I go’ he would be ‘Dreaming’ with all the ease in Zion.

When Mykal Rose hit the stage…still sounding young and fresh after all these years…with A Reggae ‘Party In Session’… a Rasta Party In Session swing so nice…grooving till daylight… he implored the crowd ‘don’t sit down and get lazy, get up go dance with a lady , the house rushed to the front of the stage. I got a Stalk of ‘Sensemila’, The reggae panther unleashed ‘Shine Eye Gal’ ‘Black Uhuru Anthem’ and got the audience in the mood, on ‘General Penitentiary’ he narrated life behind bars, in ‘Plastic Smile’ he rebuffed fake friends and haters as cautioned (don’t show I you teeth plastic style cyaan work) then he reminded them that on ‘Abortion’ (you gotta have caution) Rose poked fun at the nervous father on ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ then he reminded us (I was born under the clock) on ‘Real Jamaican’ Mykal. All the Rasta man was longing for was ‘Happiness.’  He had the crowd skanking and rocking. He closed his set with his monster remix with Jr. Gong ‘Police and Thief’ inna shoot out on the Shoot out Riddim. In his encore instead of singing he paid verbal tribute to the late Sugar Minott.

Pressure Buss Another Pipe…..

And now…for star time!  When headliner Pressure Buss Pipe closed out the evening’s musical account, it was clear the crowd was his–and he didn’t disappoint. He brought soulful passion to his songs and an electrifying energy to his stagecraft. He wailed, he chanted and he caressed his audience. And the fans loved him excitingly. The young Virgin Island reggae wailer went a far way as he continued establish his credentials as not just a new jack, but powerful combustible pressure pipe of  roots Rasta reggae and lover’s rock music.

With his growing catalogue of conscious and lover’s rock tunes Pressure Buss thrilled as his popular musical selections resonated with his fans. He told the ladies he’s ‘Coming Back For You’ but don’t forget that Pressure sings from “Ghetto Life”, but he would always give the ladies “Love and Affection”, a crowd favorite. For Mykal Rose the ‘Stalk of Sensemila’ (growing in his back yard) was for tea but for Pressure the ‘Weed’ (Man fi Smoke marijuana legally) cause (weed is my life) meant so much more!

Pressure Buss Pipe is currently busy in the studio working on new music and preparing for the 3rd Annual Pressure Buss Pipe and Friends concert. Ace Man Promotions aimed to please and so needless to say…the Ace Man Production team delivered!

Special thanks to publicist Lynthia Townsend for her professional courtesy.

Event sponsor, the US Virgin Islands’ Department of Tourism was onsite to raffle concert giveaways, distribute special gift bags, as well as to promote the island’s upcoming activities and efforts.

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