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Island Proposition: A Guide to Proposing in Jamaica

Planning the perfect proposal? Jamaica could be the perfect location for it.  Jamaica may be in the Caribbean but it offers so much more than just pampered resorts, cotton wool sands and dazzling blue seas. Of course, it has all of these things, but what really sets it apart from the rest is its distinctly African feel.

Let Bob Do All the Work
If your other half is a fan of the late great dreadlocked genius that is Bob Marley, why not take her on a tour of all things Bob, like the Bob Marley Museum, the Trench Town record shop and his house in Kingston. After this head to local bar or café where you’ve already arranged ‘Is This Love’ to be played for you, get down on one knee and ask away. Just make sure they don’t put on ‘I Shot the Sherriff’ by mistake!

Mountain Hideaway
What about a fantastic hike into the stunning Blue Mountains where you’ll see all kinds of beautiful wildlife, flora and fauna. After a long day’s walking you’ll be glad to reach your own private lodge retreat in the mountains, with no phones, no internet, just breath-taking views from your veranda across the misty mountains, and some champagne on ice. This is one dreamy place to propose.

A James Bond Moment
If; and it’s a big if, your partner is a fan of the suave, silver-tounged action man that is James Bond then what could be better than getting down on one knee at the famous James Bond Beach , that also happens to be home to the Golden Eye Hotel where Ian Fleming himself stayed. Or, rent a boat and ride to the beach where Dr No was filmed. Could there be a more perfect place to propose for a James Bond fan? Just make sure she is a fan and it’s not just you.

Runaway to Runaway Bay
An afternoon of diving or snorkelling, gazing at colourful, funny fish in the warmest bluest ocean could be the perfect lead up to a romantic beach proposal. Make sure there’s a picnic waiting on the sand and you’ll be ready for action. If diving isn’t your thing then head for Frenchman’s Bay – said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Be sure to bring blankets so you can cuddle up to watch an unforgettable Caribbean sunset as a newly engaged couple.

Messing About in Boats
Gently rafting down streams is one of the most pleasant and recommended pastimes in Jamaica. It’s little wonder considering most people – particularly those coming from Europe – will have had to have sat through a considerably long flight to get there. The more remote and rural Rio Grande outside Port Antonio will give you three hours of boating, as you follow in Errol Flynn’s footsteps by letting yourself float downstream on a bamboo raft, stopping every so often to swim. Or you could take your loved on a “safari” boat from Black River past mangroves, waterfalls and, if you’re lucky, some of Jamaica’s few remaining crocodiles. If you can engineer it so a croc pops out of the water with the ring in his jaws, so much the better! If not, carefully, getting down on one knee in the boat should be sufficient.

Horsing Around
Between beautiful Montego Bay and Ocho Rios you’ll find Braco Stables. Show your adventurous India Jones side as you bareback ride (or not) through the pristine ocean and along white sandy beaches with your sweetheart. They offer an optional barbecue lunch but you may want to give it a miss and have your own private beach barbeque instead, complete with open fire. Pretend you have to adjust your amour’s stirrup and instead, produce the ring and a your best winning smile. Who could resist?

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James Caves has traveled the Caribbean extensively and write about the islands there. He writes for the Skyscanner website which compares flight prices to Jamaica, as well as the rest of the Carribean.

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