R U Ready for Jamaica? Ms. BJ Peart Talks About 5 Places in Jamaica Returning Residents Must Visit

On one end, there are some returning Jamaicans who spend time with family and friends the minute they arrive. In most cases, they would spend several days in an all-inclusive resort with occasional road trips across parishes. However, on the other end, only a few returning residents have truly had an experience like Jamaican travel blogger, Ms. Brenda J Peart (Ms.BJ Peart) who returned to the island 21 years after living in Charleston, South Carolina. Watch this video to see her reaction when the plane hit the hot asphalt (Cue 00:29 secs) Can you relate?

Ms. BJ Peart did not waste a second of her trip to the island, visiting all 14 parishes of Jamaica, re-discovering hidden treasures from her childhood, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. Her more than 1-month trip came to an end early May 2019, however, she couldn’t leave without chatting with about her 5 highly recommended places to visit in Jamaica.

  • The Source Farm Ecovillage  

Looking to take a break from technology and tap into a higher sense of self? Look no further than The Source Farm. Indulge in an authentic farm life experience by renting an earthbag dome home. Founded in 2005, the community boasts 9 permanent residents with that number expected to grow as visitors can choose to become permanent residents. Current residents practice a very simple way of life relying heavily on self-sustainability.

They believe in remaining connected to nature with practices more likened to that of our ancestors, the Tainos than the modern man. The farm is host to a variety of fruit trees and ground provision. But even with the strong emphasis on self-sustainability, the ecovillage still manages to maintain external alliances with organizations such as The John’s Town Women’s Craft Cooperative, Summer Institute, and Youth Arts and Crafts Project. According to Ms. BJ Peart, this is definitely a place that she will be visiting again.

ECO VILLAGE: Dome homes at Source Farm in St. Thomas.

  • Holywell – Blue and John Crow Mountains

Nestled within the Blue and John Crow Mountains, the Holywell community raises you up high enough to have as many as four of Jamaica’s parishes at your feet. You will be overlooking St. Thomas, St. Andrew, Portland, and a bit of St. Mary. From rigorous hiking trails to peaceful nature walks, experts and novices alike can find enjoyment at Holywell. While you can rent a cozy cabin for a comfortable stay in the hills, visitors also have the option of camping outside to achieve real immersion and oneness with nature.

As a bonus, returning Jamaicans are granted the opportunity to hike to Jamaica’s highest point, the peak of the Blue Mountains. Here coffee lovers can get their fix directly from the source. Ms. B definitely advises that you make a switch from the cliche beach outing to the Holywell experience the next time you feel like going on an adventure.

  • White Horses in St. Thomas

If you are searching for captivating natural sceneries, then a visit to White Horses should be on your bucket list. You will find this small town roughly 36 kilometers east of Kingston in St. Thomas. Entering this small town, you will be welcomed by the beautiful mini waterfalls cascading from the rock walls along the road. While this site is gorgeous in the day time, it is at night that Ms. B suggests that you will have the most fun mingling with the excited community of locals and returning residents who come out to socialize and enjoy the scenery.

Perfectly fringed on one side by the Caribbean Sea, White Horses is the place to indulge in a scenic and tranquil view of one of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches.  Funnily enough, the small town did not receive its name due to the presence of actual white horses in the area. Rather, it is because of the majesty of the waves as they religiously and consistently crash and break against the shore, giving the impression of white horses galloping towards the shore.

Ms. Brenda J Peart admiring the beautiful Sunset in Charleston, South Carolina (her hometown). Image contributed by Ms. Brenda J Peart’s Facebook page

  • The Blue Lagoon

Shrouded in mystique and fantastical stories, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most magical places to have caught the attention of many visitors throughout the years. This location was the focal point of the Brooke Shields movie that was also named The Blue Lagoon. The calm water at the lagoon makes it the perfect place for swimming or taking family trips. According to local legend, the Blue Lagoon is said to be both bottomless and the home of an ancient dragon. The depth of the Blue Lagoon has, however, been confirmed at approximately 200 feet. While you will not encounter any giant winged, fire breathing reptiles, the magic of the Blue Lagoon cannot be denied. Visitors have noted that the colour of the water seems to change as if by magic throughout the day depending on how the sunlight hits the surface.

  • Dub Club

Located on Skyline Drive, Dub Club is a space adorned with culturally inspired artwork and offers visitors the most amazing view of the city lights of Kingston all the way down to the wharf. You can rock the night away with fellow lovers of Roots Rock Reggae music visiting from all over the world. With performances by upcoming and well-established musicians, the vibe of this location is undeniably irie. Ms. B suggests that you ditch the high-heels for comfortable shoes when embarking on this particular adventure. Be sure to check out their merchandise shop and ital kitchen for a treat. Luckily it is now easier than ever to make your way to Dub Club as Reggae Hostel offers a shuttle service from their Half Way Tree location every Sunday evening.

Dub Club in Kingston

And those are Ms. BJ Peart’s 5 Places in Jamaica to Visit for Returning Residents. Did we leave out somewhere? Watch our full interview with the vivacious and patriotic Jamaican travel ambassador. 

Our broadcaster, Ashleigh-Ann Mowatt met Ms.BJ Peart at DanceJa Studio in Barbican for a brief conversation. Watch it!

We can’t wait for her return to the island!!!

Ps. A little birdy told us she’s returning soon 

Until then, follow her travel diaries on YouTube and Instagram

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