Recap: Six Jamaican High Schools’ Triumphs at the 2024 Penn Relays

The 128th Penn Relays, held on April 25-27, 2024, at Franklin Field in Pennsylvania, showcased outstanding performances from Jamaican high schools, with Excelsior High, Jamaica College, and Kingston College standing out. Here’s a recap of six achievements by these Jamaican high schools at the 2024 Penn Relays :

Jamaica College in a wild finish to the 4x800m at Penn Relays 2024
  1. Excelsior High’s Historic Win: Excelsior High secured their first Championships of Americas title in almost six decades. Their victory in the 4x100m relay was a remarkable achievement, especially after their success in the ISSA Boys’ Athletics Championships Class 1 4x100m event.
  2. Jamaica College’s Redemption: Jamaica College bounced back from a mishap last year to claim victory in the 4x800m relay. This win was particularly sweet as it marked their second title in three years, highlighting their dominance in the event.
  3. Kingston College’s Continued Success: Kingston College, the first Jamaican team to compete at the Penn Relays in 1964, continued their legacy by winning their third consecutive 4x400m Championships of Americas title. This victory, their fourth overall, showcased their strength and determination.
  4. Excelsior’s Strategic Win: Excelsior’s victory in the 4x100m relay was not by chance. Head Coach David Riley emphasized the team’s strategic planning and execution, which included a change in the running order to optimize their performance.
  5. Exciting Finishes and Dramatic Moments: The Penn Relays were filled with thrilling finishes and dramatic moments. From Excelsior’s nail-biting victory in the 4x100m relay to Jamaica College’s intense battle in the 4x800m relay, the event kept spectators on the edge of their seats.
  6. Jamaica College’s Versatility: Jamaica College showcased their versatility by excelling in field events as well. Shaiquan Dunn from Jamaica College won the shot put event, while his teammates Balvin Israel and Chavez Penn took the long and triple jumps. This strong performance highlighted their depth as a team.
  7. Hydel High School Impress Time: One of the standout performances came from Hydel High School, which clinched victory in the High School Girls 4×400 Championship of America. Their impressive time of 3:34.78 secured the win, edging out Maryland’s Bullis School, which set a national record of 3:35.17.
  8. Overall Impact: The performance of Jamaican high schools at the 2024 Penn Relays highlighted the country’s rich tradition in track and field. These achievements not only showcased the talent of Jamaican athletes but also served as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the coaches and support staff.

The 2024 Penn Relays will be remembered as a memorable event for Jamaican high schools, with Excelsior, Jamaica College, and Kingston College leaving their mark on the competition.

Photo – Jamaica College Track Team