Jamaican Rhyme

Clear blue skies, reflects this holy day
Breeze is blowing trees begin to sway
Flowers are blooming, things begin to blossom
Children holding hold their mothers on their bosom.
Butterflies are flying bees begin their buzzing
All the animals on the Isle start to do their fussing.
Ripe mango scents linger in the air
Making us wonder if the smell was very clear.
Ackee and breadfruit, frying early morn
Making us wonder if this is on the norm
Coal stove and wood fire are set in place
Ready to put the pot on top of the blaze
Rice and peas, stew peas, all the peas inna pod
Makes us wonder when we will eat some cod
Ital dish of various size and weight
Allows us to think of the food we eat at midbreak
Steam fish, callaloo, okra and gungu stew
This is the Rasta man food with no salt,
respect due

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