Richous Indignation from a Nonviolent Jamaican

Chupid lickle foolish bwoy com’ from Jamaica,
Dey a Uncle Sam yaad widout even one piece a paypa,
Hook up wid dis idiot weh seh im worship Allah,
Now dem lef whole heap a innocent people a hallah.
Lawd have mercy, what a piece a wickidness an crasses!
Mi really sarry fi di people dem an all dem laases.

Wah meck tings worse is dat dem ketch di two bwoy dem alive,
An dat means dat somehow or adda boat a dem may jus servive.
Dem wi hafi guard dem, nite an day, wid bayonet, sword an shiel’
‘Cause if yu hab any canscience, a ungle wan ting yu can feel,
An’ dat is fi taacha di two a dem, slowly, lickle by lickle.
An’ jus fi keep dem alive, gi dem lickle waata an some bickle!

Wen di news fus bruck seh wan a Jamaican, mi seh NO!
Jamaican badbruck, nuff a dem, but dem no galang soh!
Dem wi tief yu an swingle yu, but dem always have a reas’n.
Dem nuh kill helta skelta, needah in an outa seas’n.
But anyting can happ’n wen Satan teck set inna yu head,
Believe mi it wouldn’ even right fi jus simply kill dem dead.

Mi know seh di lickle Jamaican mighta did anda juress
But di news seh im staat out good, an shudda know what is bess.
As caad’n to di news, im go a school an look like im did bright.
All im shudda do a falla some a wi, an study day an night.
Use di bwoy fi set example! For sum a wi fram dung a yaad
Come up a Uncle Sam country, an look like wi get weh braad!

Wan ting mi kno’, di Allah dem worship gi dem a book fi read,
An’ di same book deh cova all evil taughts an every single deed.
Wi shudda get wan JA bredda an meck im gwaan go dweet.
Wan weh know bout yeye fi yeye, an also teet fi teet.
It nuh haad fi cum up wid a plan fi meck di bwoy dem pay.
Mi know seh you mus did falla di story, day afta live lang day.

Every baddy know how much shat dem pump inna bans a people,
Every laas wan innocent like dem bawn unda church steeple.
See mi gad, dem bwoy baddy shudda get di same amount,
Pump in a shat each day, till yu equal fi dem rifle count.
An’ no dweet too faas! Slow it dung, fallah fi dem same shedule,
Dere’s noting wrang if yu treat every blinkin fool jus like a fool.

Uncle Sam pickney dem smaat, to dat dere is lickle doubt.
Wi need a team a dacta weh know wat life is all about.
Get a team a crackerjack serjan weh can bring dem back fram death’s door,
Far di bwoy dem hafi dead, at lease twelve time, or even more!
So wi pump a rifle bullit ina wan a fi dem skin,
Di serjan hafi teck it out, as faas as wi pump it in!

Yu si, wi a talk bout yeye fi yeye, an also teet fi teet,
So wi hafi shoot dem as many times as to adaz dem did dweet!
It no mek sense fi kill dem wid di fus bullit dat yu shoot,
Di fus wan simply use fi meck dem quake inna dem boot!
Di serjan haffi teck out each bullit, an teck it out real quick,
An no worry bout no clorofaam, meck it bun dem till dem sick.

Pump a bullit inna dem belly, if a dat dem did do,
Pump wan inna each a dem, a both a dem dweet to!
Any part dem shoot a victim, put a bullit right back deh,
An use a cold blood shaap shoota, weh wi grin an laugh all day.
Memba fi drag it out, as lang as dem did terrorize,
An no stap till di two a dem have no more tears inna fi dem eyes.

Afta dat, wi shud get ready fi wase tax paya money.
By den gangrene a bus dem shut, dem stap tink bout milk an honey.
Yu si, moas a dem weh misinterpret Mohammad an im teachin,
Tink seh wen dem do dees tings a heaven dey are reaching.
Do, Uncle Sam, wi know seh if yu want yu can do tings well.
Dem two bwoy, including di Jamaican, do, jus sen dem soul to hell.

Copyright Burnie H. – 2002

Dr. Burnie A. Hines is a Jamaican who serves as a school administrator in the Hartford, Connecticut Public School System. Hartford is home to a large concentration of Jamaicans. Dr. Hines frequently visits Jamaica to volunteer in staff development for classroom teachers. He is a proponent of nontradtional teaching methodologies such as Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences. Dr. Hines can be reached at E-mail: [email protected]

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