Rock bottom poverty, and the man I owe wants to lock me up

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I seriously am at rock bottom, and do not have the money to pay back what I owe. I was in a relationship and paid for something for my boyfriend. Now the person is after me for the money and I dont know where I’ll get it from. I had borrowed the monies to help him out, but I left him shortly after. The man I owe say he is going to lock me up. I lost my job too. I was honestly thinking of running away, but after seeing what is happening with Donald Trump, I am having second thoughts.

Please do not even consider running away. A bit of advice — you can only climb upwards from rock bottom poverty. Now if this person you owe the money take you to court, you should explain your situation to the Judge, no matter how harsh they seem The truth is the court cannot impose hardship on you, and if anyone lies about your ability to pay up, they can be locked up instead when you prove your inability.
The reality is though, a series of hearings will take place before the stage to lock you up. So firstly reach out to the person and secondly try to be innovative in creating your own business. sometimes doing your own business, no matter how long it takes to come off the ground is the absolute best.
Legal Wiz


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