This week its no surprise where Warren Weir's heart is. Also this week Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Alaine, Shakira Martin, Ity and Fancy Cat, Usain Bolt, Beenie Man, Stephen Marley and I-Octane share their world!

Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending June 15 2013!

Warren Weir: (Instagram: @warren_weir) Home is where the heart is…

Cedella Marley: (Facebook) And it was written… Beautiful words. One Love

Ziggy Marley: (Facebook) A pick up game after the UCLA concert. FUN ūüôā

Alaine: (Instagram: @Alainesinga) Over 45,000 views in 24 hours… Wowowow!! #nakedupendapia #grateful #iloveyoutoo

Shakira Martin: (Twitter: @SHAK_STAR) Cross over to the dark side!!

Ity and Fancy Cat: (Facebook) Happy morning all fans, foes, friendz. This is the eve of the weekend so gwaan hold yu string endz. Nuh falla every new style and run back a all di hot trends. Just love, live and laugh whther yu walk, ride bicycle or drive Benz.

Usain Bolt: (Twitter: @usainbolt) Look who in place… Chill spot time

Beenie Man: (Instagram: @kingbeenieman) Beenie Man ft Cecile – Thug Love videoshoot #happeningnow #portland #bluelagoon

Stephen Marley: (Facebook) THROW FORWARD Thursday…And the Ghetto Youths International, Inc Tour begins

I-Octane: (Instagram: @realioctane) Irie FM loud @realioctane siicckkk

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