Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending June 15 2013!

Warren Weir: (Instagram: @warren_weir) Home is where the heart is…

Cedella Marley: (Facebook) And it was written… Beautiful words. One Love

Ziggy Marley: (Facebook) A pick up game after the UCLA concert. FUN 🙂

Alaine: (Instagram: @Alainesinga) Over 45,000 views in 24 hours… Wowowow!! #nakedupendapia #grateful #iloveyoutoo

Shakira Martin: (Twitter: @SHAK_STAR) Cross over to the dark side!!

Ity and Fancy Cat: (Facebook) Happy morning all fans, foes, friendz. This is the eve of the weekend so gwaan hold yu string endz. Nuh falla every new style and run back a all di hot trends. Just love, live and laugh whther yu walk, ride bicycle or drive Benz.

Usain Bolt: (Twitter: @usainbolt) Look who in place… Chill spot time

Beenie Man: (Instagram: @kingbeenieman) Beenie Man ft Cecile – Thug Love videoshoot #happeningnow #portland #bluelagoon

Stephen Marley: (Facebook) THROW FORWARD Thursday…And the Ghetto Youths International, Inc Tour begins

I-Octane: (Instagram: @realioctane) Irie FM loud @realioctane siicckkk

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