Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending April 26 2013!

Tifa: (Instagram: @itsthetifa) This island of mine! The ways I love thee are unaccountable! #proud #jamaican #jamaica #love #home #happy #thenextchapter #epic #live #laugh #clouds #sky

Sean Kingston: (Twitter: @SeanKingston) In beautiful Jamaica recording beautiful magic!!… Can’t wait for my fans to hear!.. #TeamKingston #FEEL GOOD MUSIC

Rohan Marley: (Instagram: @romarley) Thank you Jack Brewer Foundation for honoring me with the International Businessman of the Year Award .. Great pleasure meting one of favorite player Sidney Rice @sidthekid18 #working #passion #love #integrity #onelove

Cherine Anderson: (Facebook) “Each One, Teach One, Reach One” — Meet Jamaica’s future record producer and songwriter. We met this brilliant young man at St. Elizabeth Technica High School on a recent visit with TEENage Tour…

Papa San: (Twitter: @iamPapaSan) Can’t wait to be in Jamaica this weekend… Pastor’s in Concert @ CHARLIE SMITH SPORTS FIELD SATURDAY APRIL 27!!!

Barrington Irving: (Twitter: @CaptainIrving) With views like these, WHY DO I EVER COME BACK DOWN?

Yendi Phillips: (Facebook) Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise you don’t know how good you are but others can see that you are special… never forget! 

Sanya Richards-Ross: (Twitter: @SanyaRichiRoss) Sending lots of love to 8yr old Essence. A 400m runner who broke a bone in her foot. Speedy Recovery! @TBR_Training

Usain St. Leo Bolt: (Twitter: @usainbolt) Not every child can run. Super happy to see my foundation catering to children various needs. #photographicworkshop

Ms. Kitty: (Facebook) Real Old School Memories! Who remember these books and which Primary School you used to go?