7 Thіngѕ Not Tо Dо On Your Jаmаіса Vacation

7 Thіngѕ Not Tо Dо On Your Jаmаіса Vacation


The Bob Marley tunes have been loaded on the рhоnе. You’re craving jerk chicken non-stop, and you can almost feel the warm Caribbean sun chasing away the wintry cold. Yes, your vacation trip to Jamaica is close, and you’re more than ready to go. To ensure a pleasant and safe vacation, here are a few tips to help you avoid actions that could cause problems during your visit.

  1. Don’t flash large amounts of money or your wallet in public. It’s best to carry only the amount of money you’ll need. You can always find an ATM or bank machine if you need extra.
  2. Don’t take tours of a farm or other rural area with strangers. There are many reputable tour operators and drivers who can take you where you want to go in safety. Ask the staff at your hotel for help in locating a company with a good reputation.
  3. Don’t take people you’ve met only recently back to your hotel room. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Don’t be a show-off. Refrain from talking about all the material possessions you have at home, such as cars, video games, jewelry, cameras, electronics, etc.
  5. Don’t expect police to rush to your aid. The Jamaican police force focuses its attention on serious crimes and is unlikely to consider a tourist’s stolen camera as a high priority. Keep an eye on your possessions yourself and avoid becoming a victim in the first place.
  6. Don’t make direct eye contact with merchants while browsing in shops. Local merchants are likely to take it as a sign that you want to buy something, so if you’re just looking, stay focused on the merchandise and not the seller.
  7. Don’t be uptight. Jamaica has a reputation for its attitude of unflappable chill, The country is full of people who always look on the bright side, and while they’re eager to please, they are not in a big hurry to do so.

Enjoy the vibe and get into the spirit of the island. Keep cool and avoid being that grumpy tourist no one wants to hang out with.

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