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Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

The St. Lucia Jazz Festival is an annual internationally-known event which takes place on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. The event brings together international as well as local musicians. The jazz festival not only features jazz music but also R&B and Calypso.


The first St. Lucia Jazz Festival was held in 1991 as an initiative to extend the tourist season in Saint Lucia into May which had previously been a relatively quiet period.

Originally 4 locations were used; however today the festival has expanded and several locations around the island are used to host performances (see list below).

At first, the festival attendances were small. But as the years passed, word spread helped by coverage on the BET J television network, and it is now a well-established fixture on the Jazz festival calendar.

Over the past few years the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival has developed a reputation for the quality of the artistes it attracts and now ranks #1 on the list on the E! entertainment top 5 Festivals in the world.[citation needed]

In 2001 the St Lucia Jazz Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary which was a rare achievement as several other Jazz festivals established in the Caribbean region had failed.

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