Sean Henry postured to become Jamaica’s next Master Artist

On Thursday, November 17, 2016, Sean Henry’s Art Cart exhibition opening was a smashing success with over a hundred art lovers, business colleagues, fellow artists, collectors, family and friends in attendance.

The show, hosted at Toyota Jamaica Ltd., opened without much fanfare at seven pm, then, after an hour of whirlwind activity, more than half the art pieces were sold. The visitors were clearly impressed with the work and the artist’s cache as they quickly purchased the paintings at prices ranging from three hundred and fifty (US$350) to sixteen hundred US dollars (US$1,600). The art work sold like hot cakes. One collector, Elizabeth Ewart-Peralto, lauded Sean’s painting and said “he reveals appealing parts of Jamaican culture and those things that make us uniquely us… a contemporary Pottinger. It was no surprise that most of his work was sold out in less than an hour.”

Sean Henry Jamaican Master Artist
Sean Henry Jamaican Master Artist

After the busy buying frenzy, Jason Sharpe spoke of the artist’s development. Jason shared that “Sean has dedicated his time to developing his skills mainly in the watercolors. Most of us have witnessed Sean’s development over the past 5 years from his first exhibition at Grosvenor Galleries to this exhibition titled – Art Cart. It’s clear that Sean’s developing skills in watercolor and the balance between paper, brush, water and paint is magical. How he makes all the elements react when masterfully applied that no other art form can replicate. I believe we are truly witnessing the emergence of a new Jamaican master and it is not hard to imagine that in a few years Sean’s art will be in even greater demand.”

Visitors to the Sean Henry's show
Visitors to the Sean Henry’s show

Next, the artist, Sean, addressed the audience. He shared that this collection is important because he is “showcasing some of Jamaica’s unsung heroes, the hand cart men who are fruit and vegetable vendors, peanut men, and genuine innovators of unique modes of transportation. These men are part of our culture and their ingenuity speaks volumes about our people and our lifestyle.”

Sean further stated that he painted “quaint houses for the shadows, textures, architecture details, brilliant sunlight and reflective space.” Regarding his landscapes, he admitted his love for sharing “rocky shores, life on the rocks, the glistening water and reflections of our horizons, and our water, focusing on the depth beneath the shadows to create an atmosphere within a two-dimensional space and to evoke a variety of moods.”

Visitors to the Sean Henry's show
Visitors to the Sean Henry’s show

Exhibition visitors also shared their thoughts about the artist, the collection and their experience at the opening. Jamaica’s foremost watercolour artist, Patrick Waldemar, shared his opinion of Sean’s latest collection of watercolour work as displaying “good technique and capturing ‘the feeling.’ In this show, Art Cart, (Sean) brings genuine emotive visions of that soon to be gone Jamaican icon the Hand Cart. In each of his paintings, even the land and sea scales, you can feel the ‘realness’.” Attorney, Nicola Whyms-Stone, reported; “there are no clichés here, but a selection of scenes that represent Jamaica in all of her beauty and contradictions, all presented in vibrant and energetic tones and colours.” Another patron, Marjorie Morris, stated, “The works on display here at Art Cart are captivating. I admire how the artist captured the real emotions of everyday life scenes.”

The exhibition is conveniently located in Kingston 6, close to New Kingston and Matilda’s Corner. Toyota at 93 Old Hope Road has great facilities, adequate open space plus a conveniently placed cafe for hosting this exhibit. As a bonus, there is also office space to handle the business transactions for the purchasers. Interested individuals may visit the exhibit Monday through Friday from 10am through 5pm or on Saturdays from 10am through 2pm. The show closes on December 3rd, 2016. Contact Jillian Henry at 842-3808 to schedule visits hosted by the artist for individuals or small groups.

Sean Henry – Fact Sheet:
Graduated from Jamaica School of Art 1987
Founded IYA Ltd (graphic design and screen printing) in 1988
Designer/Director of IYA Ltd since inception
Rededicated his pursuit of the passion for painting in 2012
First solo exhibition “Piece of Mine” in 2013 at Grosvenor Gallery
Group exhibits in both 2014 & 2015 including KOTE (Kingston on the Edge)
Exhibited internationally (USA) in 2015 at the 1310 Gallery in Florida
Earlier in 2016, exhibited internationally (USA) at the African American Research Library & Cultural Center in Florida for “Destination Fridays: Jamaica”
Current solo exhibition; Art Cart at Toyota Jamaica Ltd through Dec 3, 2016