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Land of Seduction

The only experience that could be better than visiting Jamaica is living in Jamaica. I had this privilege from 1993-1996 while I worked on tourism projects for U.S.-based companies. Although I may not qualify as a “world-traveler,” I have done my share of trekking in Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S., and I can say without reservation that there is no place as beautiful in spirit as my former island home, Jamaica.

If your spirit is free and your mind open, the beauty of the country and her people will capture your heart and seduce your soul in a magical, mystical way.

A word of advice for first-time visitors: look past the handful of higglers and hustlers who haunt the tourist areas and get to know the

REAL Jamaican people. Visit the Blue Mountains….head to Port Antonio….explore Cockpit Country…..go south to Treasure Beach or to

Mandeville. If you leave without discovering and exploring, you’ll miss the best part. And when you go, give my love to the “de pickney dem”…..the beautiful children of Jamaica!

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