All You See is Beauty

I have been going to Jamaica for the last 5 years. Sometimes as much as twice a year and if it were for some of the people there I wouldn’t have been so often.

The first time I went I was blessed to have gone to Kingston from Mandeville on a bus and the sites were over whelming.

You can look in the distance and all you see is beauty. No matter where you drive the view is breath taking; it’s either mountains or the sea.

Coming from England the views are very boring in town areas, but in Jamaica no matter where you are the view is outstanding, where as in comparison to England when you look at estates all the houses are the same in Jamaica even if it is an estate each and every house has its own identity, where you can have a 10 bed-roomed house next door to a 1 room building, the contrast is lovely.

The only thing that really spoils the beauty are the people, I find that if I go out there I now stay in an apartment and drive, as when you stay by people they can be very demanding and on occasion make you feel awkward so to keep the peace its best to either rent an apartment or stay in a hotel or guest house and if you want to visit people until late having a car is a necessity.

Its a shame that there is so much crime on the island and this over shadows the beauty as most of its visitors stay in all inclusive hotels and don’t get to taste the island’s glory, I hope in the future this will become an island which really can give real love as this is also a sore point with many of the natives, they lie and tell you that they love you; this is both people on a personal level as well as on a friend vibe and when it comes down to it they only want to use you as you are from a foreign country and they can pretend for a long time until they get what they want.

This aside JAMAICA IS A BRILLIANT ISLAND, I would recommend it every time just be careful and be yourself and you will have a wonderful time on this island that is a little piece of heaven.
Right now I’m missing the food as everything tastes so much better and we love the box meals.

Port Maria beach is lovely, the view from Spur Tree Hill is fantastic and anywhere you go into the sea is not to be missed. The fish and bammy on the way to Bluefields is unmissable, just be warned the vendors will rush your car. Events in Port Kaiser are wicked; only leave a bit before the do is over as there will be a long traffic jam to get out. Dunn’s River falls is wicked and freezing, Ochi has all the comforts of home (McDonalds, Burger King and there own Mothers, the latter is fantastic).

Anyway, to all who are going, enjoy yourself to the max and don’t be put off as this will be an experience of a life time.