See mi nuh

See mi noh
mi die fi go a yard.
to feel di dust pon mi foot
an stain up mi clothes wit de mango juice.

Mi long fi Flat Bridge and Bog Walk,
Fern Gully, Hope Gardens, Rockport and Port St. Lucie.

To see
some of dem old time peoples
from di 60’s
who still a chat de chatter
a sit pon de veranda
talk bout test match
an who de best batter.

Mi long fi de morning smell
way before de corn meal get washed
just before mi coco get cool
when yard bird a wake unu up
fi wish a brethren well.

Dem say
Jamaican so nice
hav to lick it back twice
mi doan knoh doah
man a yard a live like fi him on ice.

Cage up
barricade, dog, watchman
roadblock, cultural assassination
mi die fi go a yard
see mi noh.