Should Tessanne Chin….or Shouldn’t She? Views from a Hypocrisy-Intolerant Music Lover!

It’s amazing the amount of utter garbage people can spurt in their ignorance! Oh my goodness….people who claim to know about music in general and Jamaican music in particular! SMH….Then dem wonda why/how come dem neva buss! If Jamaicans supported dem artistes a yaad, why would they have to go abroad to get that international accreditation? How many men get it from staying in Jamaica then coming on the international scene because their audience is clamoring for them? Very few! Now turn that around and apply it to the females….even less! What denotes/defines a “SUPERSTAR”? How many females who have “made it out” have turned around (knowing the hardship) and have helped to pull their sister out? (In my Katt Williams voice….Don’t worry, I’ll wait). How many Lead vocalists have given their back-up singers a helping hand? (Don’t even get me started on this one) I’ll wait for that one too. Since I don’t know everything, you might know something I don’t!

Not that I want to put her in a box or anything; but people are already proclaiming her a pop artiste or crossover artiste. Don’t get me wrong, the woman is versatile and can sing anyting….she didn’t audition as a reggae artiste (I have no problem wid dat…she already prove sey she can bad up reggae) My question is…why in order to succeed our reggae artistes haffi change to fit what is somebody else status quo and cyaan juss stay how dem stay and do the other genres wen dem feel like? Aurite…dat’s a whole nodda supm….mi a digress major yasso. Back to the main gist of mi ranting!

Tessanne Chin is about growth. She recognizes that she has gone as far as she can go in Jamdung where her career is concerned and is an artiste honing her craft…suh she a step out and nah wait pon nobody fi gi har a handout (whew…said a mouthful…no punctuation intended). It’s called initiative people! She had to do it. She had nowhere else to go career wise due to the state of the industry as it is in JA. She is known there and somewhat here but not really getting the work like an Etana, Diana King or a Lady Saw.  (Her humility allows her to recognize that she is not quite there yet…there’s still room for much growth.  The fact of the matter is that due to the selfishness of those in our industry, there was no one to push/pull her out.  Kudos to the man Bounty Killa for what he does in helping artistes to ‘buss’.

As for The Voice being a backward move….this speaks to why so many Jamaican artists don’t/can’t reach much further, since their egos continue to get them absolutely nowhere! Gwaan yuh hear Tessanne there are more that be for you than against you! Sad thing is that after yuh buss up di ting, dem same one a guh badmine…badmouth and grudgeful when yuh prove dem wrong! Am I ranting….Oh yes I’m ranting….Oh the hypocrisy…aurite…mi done!!~~Anmour