SMILE JAMAICA: ‘Ackee and Saltfish,’ the best in the place’ – Joseph Hibbert, Jamaica

“Smile Jamaica” is our newest feature to highlight some positives about Jamaica. We ask Jamaicans living in Jamaica “What about Jamaica that makes you smile?” Keep connected as the next person we feature may be you.

JOSEPH HIBBERT, a physiotherapist, responds:

“”Ackee and Saltfish” is the best thing in the place. When I am in a foreign land, I remember Jamaica by preparing peanut porridge like when I am in Jamaica… with banana, carrot, cornmeal, oats, peanut and milk blended up together and cooked.

Children in Jamaica make me smile too when they play games and sing some songs.

Alright now, my love is Jamaican football. My four top teams are Waterhouse, Tivoli Gardens, Arnette Gardens and Hungry Lions (really Humble Lions)”

[PHOTO BY Anthea McGibbon]