SMILE JAMAICA: ‘The Jamaican people are very nice’ – Caitlyn Pilkington
Caitlyn Pilkington
Caitlyn Pilkington

Our “Smile Jamaica” feature team exposing reasons to smile in Jamaica caught up with journalist Caitlyn Pilkington from San Diego, California. Pilkington was in Jamaica to capture the ‘Kingston City Run’ event March 12 – 15, 2015 and stayed at the Pegasus Hotel. Her trip was courtesy of the Jamaica Tourist Board.

CAITYLN PILKINGTONĀ (journalist at Women’s Running Magazine), San Diego, California

Her response was…

“The colours… All the green up in the Blue Mountains. The people are very nice. The Jamaicans I’ve met are very down to earth. I also appreciate the music and the strong music culture.”

[PHOTO BY Anthea McGibbon]