Soca Deva Jadine to Electrify Fans at the Caribbean Dreamers Live Concert Series on May 12th in New York City

From the Emerald Isle of Montserrat, Jadine has promised to bring the heat at the launch of Caribbean Dreamers Live concert series on May 12th at Le Poison Rouge in New York City.

A career that started in 2003, Jadine has quickly become one of the fastest rising stars in Soca. With an award nomination from the Soca Awards Committee – one for Best New Female Soca Artist in 2005 and another in 2008 for Best Groovy Soca Collaboration for teaming up with Vincentian Soca Artist Problem Child, she has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with.

After the debut of her single, “Don’t Call My Phone,”she was listed among the Soca crème de la crème on VP Records prestigious compilation, Soca Gold 2008.  The video for the single debuted on TEMPO’s Top Ten Countdown charts and quickly climber to the number two spot.   Jadine has performed alongs some of Soca’ heavy hitters such as The Great “Singing Sandra”, KMC, Iwer George, Peter Ram, Collie Buddz, Machel Montano, Cecile, Sanchez, Leon and The Peoples and many more.

More than just a musical powerhouse, Jadine is committed to using her musical platform to promote and preserve Montserrat’s unique culture.  In doing so, she began a partnership with Sharlene Lindsay, founder of Island Diva Mas: The Ultimate Mas Experience for Montserrat Festival in 2011.  Jadine partnered with Sharlene because she thought the presentation of the parade had dwindled and wanted to make a large impact on the Festivals overall appearance.  On several occasions she has assisted in the promotion of Montserrat’s tourism efforts, having worked alongside the Montserrat Tourist Board while participating in the Caribbean Tourism Organization events in Boston and New York City.

Passionate, driven and soulful, Jadine is poised to be a cultural force wearing her West Indian heritage proudly. Consistently demonstrating an ability to appeal to all audiences, her talent is much too overwhelming to pass off as a mere fluke. She amazes and dazzles people with her rich voice and eclectic style. Brace yourselves to see what The Soca Devahas in store for fans on May 12th!