Spirit of Independence to Ignite Jamaican Businesses

As the nation gets into the full swing of the Jamaica 55 Independence Festival, Jamaicans at home and aboard are being invited to participate in this year’s “Spirit of Independence” promotion. This annual promotion, organized by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport is a decor competition where entrants compete in the categories Best Decorated Business or Office, Window Dressing, Best Decorated Parish or Townsquare and Best Diaspora Celebration. The most patriotic media houses be they Print, Online and Social Media, Television and Radio will also be recognized, along with the Advertising Agency that best utilized the Jamaica 55 theme and Festival Fashion Colours in promotional campaigns during the period.

The Spirit of Independence Promotion is open to entities- including stores, business offices and plazas. Decorations and graphics should focus on 2017 Festival Fashion Theme “Wear di Vibes… It’s Jamaica 55” and should include the colours Red, Black, Emerald and Gold and may also include company colours. Participants should also keep the Jamaica 55 theme “Celebrating Jamaicans at Home and Abroad” in mind while preparing their entries.

“The Spirit of Independence entries will be judged on creativity, neatness, appeal and use of the Festival Fashion theme.” Said Stephen Davidson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the JCDC.

“It brings us great joy to see these various organizations hosting Independence displays and decorated with the Festival Fashion colours each year in keeping with the true Spirit of Independence. We therefore reward the government and corporate entities that show the most patriotism during the Independence Season.” Davidson said.

He continued, “The 2016 winners, The Forestry Department for Best Decorated Government Entity, Mayberry Investments for Best Decorated Corporate Entity and the St. Catharine Municipal Council, which received Best Decorated Townsquare for Spanish Town, all left us in awe with their displays.”

Davidson further stated that while companies are encouraged to decorate their offices utilizing the national colours and the colours of the Jamaica 55 Festival Fashion theme; businesses, stores, libraries and other organizations are being encouraged to design a Window Display using props and decorative material to draw the attention of the public as much as possible. Meanwhile Municipal Councils who are vying for the Best Decorated Town Square Award should also have their townsquares dressed up for Independence.

Media houses are also being encouraged to display ‘Spirit of Independence’ through their content – music, features, guest, topics, discussions during the period of Emancipation and Independence, while the Diaspora may also participate in the celebrations, by submitting a list of their events, along with photos and videos.

Entities interested in entering the Spirit of Independence competition should submit six photographs, three of the outside and three of the inside for the building or display. The photographs are to be submitted via email by July 28 to [email protected]

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