Supreme Announces Collaboration with Jamaican Reggae Star Buju Banton

The Supreme lifestyle-streetwear brand has been involved with numerous collaborations in recent times, partnering with retailers, top jewelers, and even French designers. Now, the brand will soon collaborate with the Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist Buju Banton. Supreme has officially launched teasers communicating the upcoming partnership with Banton, a music industry icon since the early 1990s when he released the popular and critically praised albums “Stamina Daddy” and “Mr. Mention.”

In 1992, Banton successfully surpassed reggae legend Bob Marley’s record for the most Number 1 singles in one year in Jamaica. Banton achieved more success in the 2000s when he won a Grammy award for the LP “Before the Dawn” in 2011. His albums “Rasta Got Soul” released in 2010 and “Friends for Life” released in 2004 were also nominated for Grammys. Some of his best-known songs include “Murdered,” “Destiny,” “Champion,” and “Driver A.” Banton was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute and possession of cocaine in 2009 and was convicted in 2011. He received a sentence of ten years in a US federal prison and was released in December 2018 after serving a term of eight years.

Born Mark Anthony Myrie in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1973, Banton has had a successful career as a deejay, singer, songwriter, and musician in the dancehall and reggae genres beginning in 1982. He is considered one of the most influential Jamaican artists and has collaborated with numerous global artists, including stars of hip-hop, Latin and punk rock, and also with the sons of Bob Marley. His album “Mr. Mention” was the best-selling album in Jamaican history. In 1993, he signed with the major Mercury Records label and released “Voice of Jamaica”. In the mid-1990s, his music began to reflect the influences of his Rastafari faith with the release of the albums “’Til Shiloh” and “Inna Heights.”

While there is no official release date for the Supreme-Banton collaboration, recent photographs uploaded to Supreme’s Instagram page suggest that the arrangement is similar to that Supreme has made with other musicians.

Image: Buju Banton

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