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The Top 10 Buju Banton Songs

The Top 10 Buju Banton Songs

Mark Anthony Myrie, bearing the stage name Buju Banton, is a Jamaican singer, deejay, and recording artist. Starting his career in 1987, Banton rose to prominence only until 1992 when his couple of albums, “Stamina Daddy” and “Mr. Mention” became the best-selling albums in the Jamaican history. Banton’s work includes dance and pop songs while some of his songs also cover sociopolitical topics. Over the course of his successful career, Banton has worked in reggae, reggae fusion, dancehall, and roots reggae genres with labels such as Gargamel Music, Cannon/Island/PolyGram Records, Mercury/PolyGram Records, and Tommy Boy Entertainment.

Starting from humble beginnings, Buju Banton was born and raised in a poor neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica, known as Salt Lane. Influenced by the deejay Burro Banton, Buju started performing as a deejay at the tender age of 12 under the moniker of Gargamel. He has produced ten studio albums with the last one being released in 2010. So, to educate our readers of some of the most popular songs of Buju Banton, in this post, we have compiled an informative list of “Top The Top 10 Buju Banton Songs”.

1. Batty Rider:

2. Champion:

3. Who Say:

4. Wanna Be Loved:

5. A Little More Time:

6. Up Close and Personal:

7. Only Man:

8. Bogle Dance:

9. Big It Up:

10. Destiny:


Honorable Mentions:

11. Decent Kind of Loving:

12. Untold Stories:

13. Love How The Gal Dem Flex:

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