Team from Jamaican School Represents Country at World Robotics Olympics

Team from Jamaican School Represents Country at World Robotics Olympics

A team from Jamaica’s St. Hugh’s Prep School is set to represent Jamaica at the World Robotics Olympics IWR for 2019, which is being held in Hungary. Teams from around the world will meet in the Hungarian city of Gybr to display their skills between November 8 and November 10, 2019. The event has been organized through the efforts of various national ministries and other organizations. The students on the team are Isabelle Dodd, Joel Dodd, Victoria Bailey. The team is coached by Anif Gordon, Diandra Heppell Sukhu, and Marvin Hall, who is the Director of Halls of Learning.

The Hungarian city was selected for the WRO 2019 competition in recognition of its location in the center of Europe. It was organized by Edutus University and the WRO National Organization in Hungary. The 2019 event’s theme is “SMART Cities” and challenges participants to use new concepts, ideas, and technologies to help in building the cities of the future.

The event is organized into different categories, including a Regular Category comprising Elementary, Junior, and Senior age groups/ the Open Category for each age group; Football and General Categories for each age group, and the advanced Robotics category for each age group.

St Hugh’s Preparatory is a private school in Kingston, Jamaica. It has been run by the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands for more than 100 years. It serves students from kindergarten through high school age. The school is committed to providing a world-class education through strong connections, sharing of resources and fostering understanding between people. The school was founded in 1899 by Rt. Rev. Enos Nuttall, who was Bishop of Jamaica from 1880 to 1916, and the first Archbishop of the West Indies, serving from 1893 to 1916.

Source: WRO 

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