Tears for My African Kings – Why do they hate you so much?

Tears for My African Kings - Why do they hate you so much
My champion, my Kings, so fierce from within, you’re a son, husband, brother, uncle, and a friend. I love the color of your skin, the shape of your nose and your body, that shapes like an African King.  Why do they hate you so much? When all they do is try to be like you?
Your talent, your walk, the way you talk, sing, and your swag just like a King.
You’re lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, President, World leaders, peacekeepers, fighters, humanitarian and so much more, but to them it’s not enough.
They want to treat you like your lives doesn’t matter, when they’re the one that need to learn from you, the strength and peace you bring to teach them that you’re not thugs, but Kings.
I’m angry and my heart is in pain, I’m so tired of all the heartaches and tears. Mothers, wives, sisters, I wish I could take away the pain and dry your tears, but look!! Another one down, like animals in the street, leaving us to weep and cry tears in anguish on our knees.
When will this stop? Don’t you see that all they want is to be free? Free to be the man they were created to be.
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!! My black men, my Kings, oh I cried for you, my black men, oh how I’m so proud of you, my black men I’m so scared for you.
As your Queen, I have so much respect for you, I will stand by you, my love, support and respect I’ll give to you.
Stand tall , you’re strong, and unbreakable, just fighting to be free.
Come closer let me dry your tears 😭, rest your head on my shoulder, brace yourself, because this fight is not over. I just don’t understand, my black men, is it the color of your skin, or because you have the strength of a lion and carried yourselves like kings ?
I don’t and maybe never will understand, why they want to take your lives.
My son, brothers, Kings!! Stand tall and let them know that, this is your time to be Kings, not for them to chase and kill.
I can’t breathe I can’t breathe, my brothers, my black men, my Kings 👑!
Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

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