Tears for my Queens (Black Lives Matter)

Tears for my Queens - Black Lives Matter

Created by the Almighty One, not to suffer by those that think our lives doesn’t matter, we were born to rule, not to be treated like a footstool.

Like Queen Nefertiti, Yaa Asantewaa, Nandi, Moremi, Amina Mohamud, Makeda, and many more.

The blood that runs through our vain is our strength, giving up is not an option, we fight with our spirit and settle the score with love, not hate.

You fight us, beat us, rob us of our lives. You imitate us, but still, you hate us. We’re here to create not hate and teach each other how to live in peace.

You shoot us on the street and in our homes, but still, like Maya Angelou said, we rise, like a Phoenix from the ashes we continue to rise, stronger, smarter, and more powerful than ever.

We stand by our Kings, building up and supporting them. We’re Mothers, sisters, wives, daughter, and friends, trying to do what is best for our family and our Country, why do you fight against us? We’re just trying to live in peace and raise our Children to be Kings and Queens, so they can leave a legacy rich with integrity for our future generation.

We’re Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, activists, Judges and so much more. We’re tired of drying the tears 😭 of our Children and buried them. Let me be free to be me, free to live, free to fail and try again, free to love, free to succeed, free to laugh, free to cry 😭 free to fall down and pick myself up again, I don’t want to be free for you to kill.

Let us cry because we’re happy not because another one of our daughters have been shot down, like, Breanna Taylor, Rekia Boyd, Kendra James, Natasha McKenna, Yvette Smith, Shereese Francis, LaTanya Haggerty, Pamela Turner, Atatiana Jefferson. Korryn Gaines, Miriam Carey, Shelley Frey, Darnisha Harris, Malissa Williams, Aiyana Stanley-Jones Shantel Davis, Tarika Wilson, Tyisha Miller. Please, please please, just let me live and be free, but not free for you to kill.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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