Tech News: Microsoft to End Sale of PCs with Pre-Installed Window 7 and 8.1 in 2016

Consumers will only have until October 31, 2016, to buy a personal computer that comes with the Windows operating systems 7 or 8.1 pre-installed. Microsoft’s lifecycle fact sheet specifies that date as the “end of sales” of such PCs. After October 31 of next year, consumers will only be able to buy new computers with Windows 10 pre-installed. Businesses with license agreements entitling them to select which Windows version they want to use will still be able to get Windows 7 and 8.1. The 2016 deadlines will likely put more pressure on users who are happy with Windows 7/8.1 and who are not eager to upgrade their operating system in a new PC. For Microsoft, however, the move emphasizes the message that its new Windows 10 operating system can link personal computers, tablets and mobile phones using apps that can run on any of the devices. While sales of the older systems will end, technical support for 7 and 8.1 will remain available until January 14, 2020, so security patches, bug fixes and additional updates will continue until that date.