Tell me how to change person who bailed me in Jamaica

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I need to change the person who bailed me. I did not commit the offence I am being charged for. A senior police officer told me its unlikely that I would be found guilty.
I need to change the name of the person who posted my bail so that I can post my own bail.
Although the police told me I could bail myself at the station I called up someone I worked for a long time ago. Now this person is hounding me for sex so I need to change and bail myself. I do not have money to pay a lawyer and I do not trust Legal Aid lawyers.
How can I do this.. do you know?

Even though you were offered station bail, once the matter has been submitted to the Court, and especially after at least one hearing has gone, you must make this request in Court.
The correct procedure is for the person who bailed you to fill in a form and on that form state the reason for no longer wanting to be responsible for your bail.
Your desire is unique, but then you will need to speak to the Judge or the Resident Magistrate.
The difficulty you will have is that you cannot at this stage bail yourself.
In order to change the person who bailed you, it must be done through the Court and by a Court order from the Judge/Resident Magistrate.
If you really need to go through with it, go in and speak to the Clerk of that Court before the next hearing.
Legal Wiz


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