Test Your Jamaicanness: 20 Words or Phrases Only Jamaicans Understand

There are some phrases that Jamaicans use that only another Jamaican will understand. Words or phrases that a tourist may wonder how does that makes sense but that another Jamaican would respond to with ease. Some phrases even form a complete sentence or question.

Here are a few of the popular ones and their meaning.

1. Fava laka seh – it seems as though

2. Chicken merry hawk deh near – whenever you are happy be mindful, disaster can strike at any time

3. A ready yuh ready a ready? – Are you ready to go?

4. Wus lakka how mi hungry. – Especially since I am hungry

5. See mi, and live wid mi a two different ting – be careful when making choices as appearance can be deceitful

6. A no the same day leaf drop in a water it rotten. – success doesn’t happen overnight

7. The same knife wa stick sheep will stick goat – if you see someone gossiping or belittling another person, be mindful they could do it to you.

8. Poppy-show – to make fun of someone or make them look ridiculous

9. Mi trow mi karn mi no call no fowl – “I made a general statement; it is up to you if you want to take it personal”

10. Cuyah! – Look at that!

11. You too red eye – you are envious

12. Wha sweet nanny goat a go run him belly – the things that seem good to you now, can cause hurt later on

13. Lagga head – stupid

14. Tan deh! – Just (you) wait

15. Tan ‘teady – hold still

16. Suss / carry go bring come – gossip

17. Me come yah fi drink milk, no fi count cow – don’t just make promises, deliver on them

18. Horse dead an’ cow fat – irrelevant details

19. Trouble no set like rain – we are not often fore-warned about misfortunes (before rainfall, there are usually dark clouds on the horizon)

20. Every hoe ha dem stick a bush. – To each his own

Photo – Deposit Photos