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The 10 Benefits of the Rose Apple you Need to Know

The 10 Benefits of the Rose Apple you Need to Know

Whether you know it as the watery rose apple or its scientific name of Syzygium jambos, various parts of the tree have been used as a medicinal for centuries. Originating in Southeast Asia, the tree has naturalized itself in Jamaica and produces a crisp, sweet and fragrant round-shaped fruit.

It has a wide variety of health benefits and the fruit, flowers, leaves and roots have been used as remedies. Depending upon the portion of the tree that’s being utilized, it can be prepared as a beverage, topical, or in powdered form. It contains over 20 different vitamins, minerals and chemical compounds that are essential for health.

1. Antibacterial
Rose apple has antibacterial properties that the scientific community is studying as it has the ability to inhibit the growth of multiple types of bacteria.

2. Blood Pressure
The high potassium and low sodium content of the fruit is beneficial for lowering blood pressure that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

3. Cholesterol
It contains niacin that studies have shown can boost levels of “good” cholesterol while lowering “bad” cholesterol.

4. Diabetes
The fruit aids in reducing blood glucose levels by enhancing metabolism.

5. Diuretic
Rose apple acts as a diuretic that helps in kidney function.

6. Fever Reducer
Studies published in the “International Archive of Applied Sciences and Technology” showed that the tropical fruit is beneficial for alleviating fevers. Connected with that is the ability to help with headaches.

7. Free Radicals
The fruit is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that aid in countering the effects of free radicals from toxins, pollutants, and UV rays that lead to the early signs of aging and damages the body at the cellular level.

8. Pain Relief
The fruit is also being studied for its ability to ease deep muscle pain and the discomfort of arthritis.

9. Thrush
An oral rinse of rose apple is effective relief for thrush, a fungal infection that affects the mouth.

10. Weight Loss
High in fiber, rose apple makes people feel fuller longer so they eat less and it promotes digestive health.

Note: In other parts of the world they call it watery rose apple

The 10 Benefits of the Rose Apple You Need to Know PN

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