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The City of Miramar 60th Anniversary Celebration Concert – Saturday May 16, 2015

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At 5:15 p.m. on Saturday May 16, 2015, the scheduled start of the concert, the sun gave the trickling-in audience the only break it needed. The blistering heat was somewhat unbearable till then. From 3 p.m.the children’s play area at the Miramar Regional Park was loaded with games and activities for the entire family while the rest of Miramar Regional Park was properly prepared for the culminating 60th Anniversary celebration concert of the City of Miramar.

Very helpful city staff and event coordinators wore black tee-shirts promoting the city’s celebration slogan “it’s Right Here in Miramar.” Delighted residents filed in, some with portable chairs for a highly anticipated evening of live music.

The eclectic line up featured, Jimmy Bo Horn & the South Florida Allstars, followed by a slew of stars and artistes from varying genres of music including, the country/western band “33 Years”, reggae band, Code Red, Latin act, Tito Puente, R&B singer Jr, Carl Thomas and gospel artist, Fred Hammond, all depicting the unique and diverse culture of the citizenry of Miramar.

By the time 33 Years exited the stage the trickling had grown into a massive audience at 7 p.m.

You could tell by the relaxed nature of the audience and the admirable gestures that they loved the idea that the city was treating them to such a grand occasion, it’s Tri-score celebration (60 years) in a triple-days gift. One does not always see a city turning out all stops to ensure its residents enjoy the benefits of paying taxes. The warmth of the afternoon-evening was depicted in how the Mayor of the City of Miramar, Wayne Messam, engaged the residents as he walked about chit-chatting and agreeing to snap a quick photo here and there.

The Mayor has been equally engaging throughout the 3 day celebration, which kicked off with an employee appreciation celebration in Miramar Regional Park and the event, Art Speaks with singer Wayne Wonder in the Cultural Center

The Mayor, city commissioners, school district representative, county commissioner, and immediate past Mayor all mingled and later shared stage together, welcoming, and expressing appreciation to the residents. With this red carpet type event, the city’s message is clear, it loves and cares for its residents, and is clearly issuing a charge to people who already live here- we want you to stay; and for the people who don’t live here, “come live here, it’s RIGHT HERE in Miramar!”

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