The survey diagram was rejected for a wrong name, I need another from new surveyor

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz

Recently, I contracted a surveyor to survey my piece of land in Jamaica. Several months later he tells me the drawing got rejected at the Jamaica title’s office because the name of one of the neighbours was wrong. Can this really happen? I then tried to get another surveyor to do over the diagram with the name changed, but they say they have to make checks before doing this. I therefore was trying to get a new surveyor to simply survey the land again and that task is next to impossible. Why are things so hard in Jamaica?
RESPONSE: Dear Roger,
Its very much possible to have the diagram rejected or bounced because of an incorrect name. What you need to be aware of however is surveyors must abide by set code of ethics. One such is that any surveyor assuming responsibility for a work already started must consult with the surveyor who initiated the work, or he/she can be penalised which may result in he/she loosing his license to practise.
Hardly any surveyor is going to be willing to make a new diagram without making checks which includes speaking with the first surveyor, and possibly visiting the property, even doing new survey to ensure the information submitted at first instance is correct. Any new surveyor you wish to contract to survey the land must consult with the first surveyor in accordance with the code of ethics for surveyors. Things seem hard for many reasons. In your situation, challenges can arise when proper procedures are not followed through or monitored properly. All the best. Our team stands by to assist.