The Yard Project

YARD PROJECT has grown out of an ongoing conversation among a group of “Bay People,” at home and abroad, about the need for a coordinated and sustained program of redevelopment for the community of Old Harbour Bay. Our general objective is to work for the development of Jamaican communities. Old Harbour Bay is our primary focus.

Hurricane Ivan’s devastation precipitated a discussion among us about an immediate, collaborative response. The result was the formation of YARD PROJECT with the following objectives:

– To build on the work of existing efforts to develop a network through which we can mobilize the large number of Bay People outside of Jamaica, especially those in the United States, Canada, and England to contribute to the rebuilding of our beloved community. (Different ones of us have been working in community development for many years.)

– To work with community development and other related groups to create and implement a long term plan for the redevelopment of Old Harbour Bay.

Dexter B. Gordon
Executive Director
4605 74th Ave. Court NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Phone 253-210-0149