Tony ‘Paleface’ Hendriks and Ricky Rowe for the Hilarious Comedy Samson & Di Liar, August 21st, 2015, Jamaica

The Jamaican stage is set to explode with spasms of hilarity as the talents of Tony ‘Paleface’ Hendriks and Ricky Rowe combine for the Jamaican staging of Samson & Di Liar. The hilarious comedy is set to have its Jamaican premiere at the Little Little Theatre on Friday, August 21, 2015.

Set on the streets of Kingston, Samson & Di Liar is the story of two homeless men and their journey from being adversaries to a strong friendship. The laugh-a-minute comedy was conceptualized by veteran comedian Winston ‘Bello’ Bell and re-written by Hendriks and Rowe. Both actors recently returned from the UK after being away for over a decade. It will be the first time that Jamaicans will get a taste of this duo’s unique brand of humour.

Samson & Di Liar will mark Hendriks’ highly anticipated return to the Jamaican stage. The award-winning actor, writer and producer of stage, screen and radio hurtled to the status of a household name through his hilarious yet insightful Paleface Point of View on CVM TV. Hendriks was also one of the stars and creators of the hit comedy Laugh Jamaica.

Since his return to Jamaica, audiences have begun to familiarize themselves with and enjoy Rowe’s acute sense of comedic timing. The actor has delighted audiences in Oliver Mair’s Laff It Off and Patrick Brown’s Hurricane Honeymoon.

Samson & Di Liar played to roaring success in the UK in 2013 as a co-production between Yaardy Boy Entertainment and Rahtid Productions. The talented Scarlette Beharie produces and directs the Jamaican rendition of the play.

“You can take a Jamaican out of Jamaica but you can’t take Jamaica out his blood.
In the same way, I left Jamaica to work in foreign but Jamaica never left me. After all I am a Jamaican Paleface. It has always been my plan to come back home and Samson & Di Liar is the perfect vehicle to get be back and running in my first love: Jamaican theatre,” Hendriks stated.

For Rowe, Jamaica is the ideal place to stage Samson & Di Liar, “it is a Jamaican story for all times, filled with all the things we can relate to and appreciate in a good play: , love, loss, friendship and laughter,” he concluded.

Samson & Di Liar will have a limited run at the Little Little Theatre in Kingston where it plays until Sunday, September 20, 2015. Show times Tuesday – Friday at 8:30 and Saturday & Sunday at 5:30 & 8:30