Top 10 Barrington Levy Songs

Barrington Ainsworth Levy, popularly known by his stage name Barrington Levy, is a dancehall and reggae artist of Jamaican descent. Levy started his career in 1976 and has covered dancehall, reggae, reggae fusion, and ragga jungle in his music genres. He has an associated act with Shyne and has worked with the label MCA Records.

Born in Clarendon, Jamaica, Levy, along with his cousin Everton Dacres, initially formed a band named “the Mighty Multitude” and they released their first album “My Black Girl” in 1977. But soon after, Levy went on to pursue his career as a solo dancehall and reggae recording artist. He released “A Long Time Since We Don’t Have No Love” as his first single which became a failure. Regardless of the failure, Levy had become a well-known performer in Jamaican dancehalls. He has recorded a number of tracks with Hyman Wright and Henry “Juno” Lawes including “Looking My Love”, “Skylarking”, “Al Yah We Deh”, “Wedding Ring Aside”, “Englishman”, and “Collie Weed” most of which appear in his album Bounty Hunter. In 2013, Levy released his single “Love the Way She Love” and his album “Acousticalevy” got a Grammy nomination for the Best Reggae Album in 2015. Here are my picks of “The Top 10 Barrington Levy Songs”

1. Black Roses:

2. Here I come:

3. My Time:

4. Under Mi Sensi:

5. She’s Mine:

6. Too Experienced:

7. Living Dangerously:

8. Work:

9. Poor Man Style:

10. Be Strong:

Honorable Mentions:

11. Collie Weed:

12. Looking My Love:

13. Mini Bus:

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