Top 10 Jamaican Comedian & Comedic Actors

Jamaicans can find humor in just about any situation. Comedy is not just an art in Jamaica but a way of life. This week, take a look at the top 10 influential Jamaican comedians & comedic actors, both past and present. From Miss Lou in the ’1950s’, to Itty & Fancy Cat the ’2000s’, we look at comedians & comedic actors who have played a defining role in Jamaican comedy. So without further ado, here are our top 10 Jamaican comedians & Comedic Actors:


1. Miss Lou


2. Oliver Samuels

3. Glen “Titus” Campbell

4. Itty & Fancy Cat

5. Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley

6. Blacka Elis

7. Shebada

8. Leone Forbes 

9. Joan Andrea Hutchinson

10. Charles Hyatt

Honorable Mention to : Dahlia Harris, Volier “Maffi” Johnson, Tony “Jamaican Paleface” Hendriks