The Top 10 Christopher Martin Songs

Christopher Oteng Martin, better known as Christopher Martin, is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer and songwriter. He is well known to have won Digicel Rising stars in 2005 and for his songs “Giving It”, “Take My Wings”, and “I’ll Be Your Driver”. After winning in 2005, he professionally started his career and gave a shot to reggae, dancehall, and reggae fusion genres.

Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Christopher Martin graduated from St. Jago High School where he developed a strong love for sports and dramatic arts. He won numerous awards in his student years for being outstanding in his studies. He got his break in a musical career when he won the Digicel Rising Stars competition. The rest is history since he has now worked with various top producers in dancehall and reggae including Shane Brown, Robert Livingston, Arif Cooper, and Christopher Birch. Over the course of his career, Christopher Martin has associated acts with Daddy Yankee and NORE. Martin signed to VP records in 2013 and has toured to various location in Zimbabwe and Jamaica to perform and promote his music. Here are my picks of “The Top 10 Christopher Martin Songs”.

1. Cheaters Prayer:

2. Too Big:

3. Mama:

4. Chill Spot:

5. Take My Love:

6. Mi Friend Dem:

7. I’m a Big Deal:

8. I’m There:

9. Under The Influence:

10. We Are The Vibes:

Honorable Mentions:

11. Look on My Face:

12. Just Like You:

13. Giving It:

Photo Credit: Facebook