Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To

Jamaicans may relocate for new opportunities in education or employment, to be closer to family, or for increased personal safety. Choosing a destination is serious business and people should fully research their destination before immigrating.

Some countries have a low cost of living, but work is hard to find. Others have excellent healthcare, but a wait in an ER could be up to 10 hours. The following are the top 23 countries to which Jamaicans migrated between 1990 and 2022 by the numbers.

United States
Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - USA - America
Education and employment opportunities are the two major reasons for relocating to the U.S. The nation is a major economic player on the world stage and has great diversity in work, land and recreational opportunities. It’s difficult to approximate the cost of living as it fluctuates widely from place to place. A total of 767,076 Jamaicans has immigrated to the U.S. (Note this is an official number as the unofficial number is closers to

United Kingdom

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - Unite Kingdom - Britian

There’s a Jamaican immigrant population of 178,460 in the UK and many use the UK as a jumping off point to Canada. Employment opportunities abound for those that speak English, crime rates are generally low, and healthcare is mostly free. Housing costs vary widely, depending on location, everyone receives four weeks of paid time off, and work opportunities are abundant, particularly in the south, if an individual has a Visa or Working Holiday Visa.

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - Canada
The country has a Jamaican immigrant population of 149,751 and wide-ranging employment opportunities. It features a universal healthcare system, educational opportunities, low crime rate, and multiple lifestyle options. The country has one of the best air and water quality levels in the world.

Cayman Islands
The Cayman Island and Jamaica have always been connected due to geographic proximity and it colonial past. The Cayman Islands once had a dependency on the Crown Colony of Jamaica and was treated as a parish. This ended in 1962, when the Cayman Islands became a separate Crown colony while Jamaica became an independent Commonwealth country. Over 40 per cent of all work permit holders in Grand Cayman are from Jamaica. Also over 40% of Caymanians is of Jamaican descent. There a no direct taxation on the Cayman Islands and it is a thriving offshore financial center. Finance and Tourism are the 2 main industries on the island and provide great opportunities for employment. There are approximately 17,518 Jamaican expatriates living in the Cayman Islands.

A total of 8,403 Jamaicans has relocated to the Bahamas. A laid-back lifestyle, excellent schools, and building codes that dramatically increase safety from hurricanes are benefits of living in the Bahamas. Most apartments are furnished, there’s no income tax, and funds go further.

Antigua and Barbuda
The island country is home to 4,389 Jamaicans. The country features a stable currency tied to the U.S. dollar, access to international cities, a low crime rate, and expats pay no taxes on foreign-sourced income.

Trinidad and Tobago
The country has 1,926 Jamaican immigrants, free public healthcare, and free education for those ages 5 to 16. Housing availability and costs vary throughout the country, but unemployment rates are low and the economy is growing.

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - Germany
A booming economy and job market, 30 days of vacation, and low cost of living compared to other European countries, all combined to welcome 1,572 Jamaicans. There are many public holidays to celebrate and generous benefits for families.

Low crime rates, wide open spaces, and an enticing year-round climate are found in Australia that’s home to 1,493 Jamaicans. The country, that’s also a continent, has stunning scenery, great beaches, and a wealth of industries for those seeking employment and educational options.

One of the most attractive elements of the Netherlands, colloquially known as Holland, is a great work-life balance. The average work week is just over 30 hours, generous vacation days are provided, and an extensive array of recreational opportunities are available, leading to 1,282 Jamaicans immigrating there.

The 1,015 Jamaicans living in the country enjoy a stable economy with steady growth and low inflation. The infrastructure is well-developed, there’s an extensive variety of recreational activities and celebrations throughout the year, world-class golf courses, and its outside the main hurricane belt.

St. Lucia
A total of 940 Jamaicans relocated to St. Lucia where the cost of living is low, they’re in close proximity to the U.S., and there’s no taxes on worldwide assets or income. Individuals can obtain a St. Lucia passport that provides them with access to over 140 countries that includes those in the EU, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - Switzerland
Internationally renowned schools, a stable economy and government, low crime rate, and one of the best healthcare systems in the world enticed 794 Jamaicans to migrate there. Salaries are much higher than in other parts of the world.

Politically stable, Panama features quality medical care, a low cost of living, and no taxes on overseas income for residents. Panamanians are friendly, accepting of foreigners, and the country is safer than many others in Central America, leading 783 Jamaicans to settle there.

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - France
Career, education and financial opportunities are just some of the reasons that 700 Jamaicans relocated to France. The country has a generous public healthcare system, cultural opportunities, and world-renowned landmarks.

A high standard of living, thriving economy, generous vacation times, and reasonably priced housing and healthcare are all available in Sweden. A total of 623 Jamaicans immigrated there and the country features clean cities, excellent public transportation, blazing fast internet, and paid parental leave. Swedish citizens enjoy free education, while gender equality and individual liberty are emphasized.

Low housing costs and the ease of obtaining residency has persuaded 568 Jamaicans to relocate to Belize. There’s no tax on income earned through a non-Belizean company and a host of other tax benefits. The infrastructure is fairly modern, with cell phone and internet access.

It’s much easier to obtain citizenship there than in many other countries and purchasing property is a simple process for those that want to establish a home prior to relocating. The country has high-quality healthcare, educational and transportation systems, and 476 Jamaicans call the country home.


Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - BelgiumThe country has excellent public transportation, schools and healthcare, a low crime rate, and plenty of job opportunities. It’s family-friendly making it attractive for the 446 Jamaicans living there.

South Africa
Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - South Africa
Job opportunities are plentiful and many Jamaicans are descendants of South Africans. Crime rates, wages and safety levels vary by region. Excellent private healthcare is available, the pace of life is slower, and 387 Jamaicans relocated to the area.

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To - Spain
Work-life balance, 30 days of vacation per year, heart-healthy cuisine, and excellent public healthcare are all found in Spain, along with 316 Jamaican immigrants. The country has a warm climate year-round, low-stress lifestyle, easy immigration requirements, and a lower cost of living than in many European countries.

Guyana in South America has been an immigration destination for 313 Jamaicans. Insect-borne disease, personal safety issues, drug trafficking, and climate issues can be a problem, depending on the location. Though Jamaicans immigrate to Guyana, many move on to other locations.

A total of 293 Jamaicans has immigrated to Austria. The country has a high quality of life and emphasizes women’s rights, human rights and freedom of the press. It has excellent public transportation, educational opportunities, universal healthcare, and a very low crime rate.

Top 23 Countries Jamaicans Migrate To -PIN

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