Our Picks: Top 5 Beaches in Jamaica

Top 5 Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica has miles of coastlines with some of the best beaches in the world. There are many choices when it comes to beaches in Jamaica. You can find beaches with golden sand, surf, food stalls, bars and friendly people across the island. We have selected our picks of the top 5 Jamaican beaches.

Here are our picks of Top 5 Beaches in Jamaica:

Negril Seven Mile Beach – This 7-mile strip of beach has clear blue waters and golden sand. It is the perfect beach to take the family however be careful of designated nudist areas.

Doctor Cave Beach – This beach was named after a physician who donated his beach property for a swim club. The waters are crystal clear. There are changing rooms and a bar on the beach. It is a great beach for families.

Treasure Beach – If you are looking for a beach away from the crowds this is the place to go. The coastline is a little awkward and be careful of strong waves on the beach.

Boston Bay Beach – Do want to experience a great beach and the Jamaican culture at the same time? This white sand beach is great for surfing. It offers the opportunity to mingle with the Jamaican locals and try to food. There are local Jerk food stand very close to the beach.

Cornwall Beach – This is the perfect beach for families, groups of friends, and individuals who want to get away from the “bustle” of the city.  It is also a great beach to meet Jamaican locals. There are food stalls and little restaurants nearby to sample food. There are comfortable lodgings close by.


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