Top 7 Must Do Jamaican Experiences

What’s life without the experiences that add a little pizazz and make worth living? With a myriad of jaw-dropping experiences, Jamaica offers much more than sun, sand, and sea. If you wish to indulge in everything this paradise island has to offer, here are the top 7 Jamaican experiences that should be immediately added to your bucket list.

1. Climbing Blue Mountain
Reaching Jamaica’s highest point, Blue Mountain peak, is both a thrilling and treacherous hike. Yet it is well worth the climb! Hearing the experiences of others greatly fades in comparison to witnessing firsthand the sunrise peeking over the mountainside as Kingston city awakens below. Hikers are rewarded with the delicious taste of freshly grounded Blue Mountain Coffee, certified as one of the best in the world.

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2. Relax on a Raft
Rafting on the Rio Grande River is the perfect calming activity that nature lovers will most likely greatly appreciate. Rio Grande rafting in Port Antonio provides a picturesque ride downstream on bamboo rafts skillfully maneuvered by a raft captain. The adventure features a sensational feast of nature’s beauty for the entire duration of the rafting.

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3. Jerk and Surf
What better place is there to have the best jerk than at Boston Bay, the home of Jamaica’s world famous jerk? A trip to the site based in Port Antonio promises a dual experience of great jerk food coupled with a stop at the nearby Boston Bay beach. The beach provides the perfect scenery for a ‘jerk picnic’ and also has the best waves to take a shot at surfing. The food, the beach and the surfing equipment is all in place; all you need is good company and an appetite for fun.

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4. Discover the Windsor Caves
If you are a nature lover and don’t mind the challenge of a precarious hike just to view nature’s treasure chest, then the Windsor Caves will be more than satiating. Located at Cockpit Country in Trelawny, the Windsor Caves are home to the roaring Martha Brae River flowing underground and a multiplicity of indigenous species including bats. Usually, you’ll find cave wardens waiting with flashlights to guide you on a fascinating tour of the Rat Bat Cave.

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5. Be A Pirate in Port Royal
One of Jamaica’s oldest and most historic region is the renowned Port Royal which has most of its archaeological riches beneath the sea or sand. You can go treasure hunting in the place once known as the richest city in the world, and dig up the history of this pirate area that has met several unfortunate natural events including earthquakes and a tidal wave. Don’t forget to try the food at Gloria’s, a small wooden hut that promises delicious Jamaican style seafood such as fry fish and bammy, and curried lobster and rice and peas.

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6. Bob Marley Museum
The former home of the King of Reggae is now a museum that displays many of the musician’s personal treasures. If you’re a fan of Reggae music or Bob Marley himself, then this is a worthwhile stop that takes you on a journey through every aspect of Bob Marley’s life. Memorabilia on display include Bob’s famous guitar, CD’s, posters, t-shirts, gallery of Bob’s photos and an 80 seat theater. Join thousands including celebrities such as US President Barack Obama and take a tour of the Bob Marley Museum, and gather insight on the history and philosophy of roots Reggae.

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7. Swimming at Blue Hole, Ocho Rios
The famous Blue Hole in Ocho Rios is exactly what the name suggests, a gigantic hole with inviting, sparling blue water reflected from the sky above. Although the venue is not fully commercialized, it’s a beauty to behold with the lush vegetation surrounding the area. Getting to the site is not the easiest trip, as the road gets rough venturing into the hills of Ocho Rios but it’s well worth the time. The Blue Hole area also features a 7-10 minute hike which leads to a waterfall and this is one place you don’t want to be without your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

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