Top Sports Events Happening in Jamaica in 2024

Last year, Jamaica witnessed a splendid showcase of athletic prowess, solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in the world of sports. As we step into 2024, it’s time to rally behind our athletes and immerse ourselves in the thrilling sporting events ahead. Sports in Jamaica aren’t just competitions; they’re a vital part of our national pride and cultural identity. This year’s lineup of events holds special significance for athletes, locals, and visitors alike, promising to be a celebration of strength, speed, and spirit.

  1. Reggae Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K: On December 8th, 2024. A signature event, the Reggae Marathon combines Jamaica’s love for music and sport. Last year, runners enjoyed the rhythmic beats of reggae music as they traversed the scenic course. This year, expect more vibrant music and enthusiastic participation from around the world.
  2. Various 5K Charity Events: These events are a testament to Jamaica’s spirit of giving and fitness.
    Sagicor Sigma Honour Run: February 18, 2024, is a much-anticipated run in Emancipation Park, New Kingston​​.
    EU-JA 5K & 10K: Scheduled for March 10, 2024, in Downtown Kingston, this event blends European and Jamaican cultures​​.
    Jamaica Hi 5K Run: On May 4, 2024, this event is set to bring the community together for health and wellness​​.
    Build With Bert’s Charity 5K: Held typically in October, it combines fitness with philanthropy, with last year’s event significantly contributing to housing projects​​.
  3. ISSA Boys and Girls Championships – National Stadium (March 19 – 23, 2024): This event is the highlight of Jamaica’s sports calendar. Last year, it saw record-breaking performances and the emergence of new athletic stars like Alana Reid and Bouwahjgie Nkrumie who shone in the 100M finals. This year, the anticipation is high as we hope to witness the birth of future world champions.
  4. Kingston City Run – Kingston (Date TBD): This event, more than just a race, is a journey through Kingston’s rich history. Last year’s run supported numerous local charities, and this year aims to surpass previous contributions, bringing together communities for a cause.
  5. Color Me Happy Run – Kingston (Date TBD): Known for its electrifying atmosphere, the Color Me Happy Run turns a 5K race into a carnival. Last year’s event was a kaleidoscope of colors and joy, and this year promises to be even more spectacular.
  6. Jamaica International Invitational – National Stadium (May 2024): This international meet is a beacon for global sports stars. Last year’s event featured stunning performances, and this year, the stage is set for even more record-breaking feats.
  7. Racers Grand Prix – National Stadium (June 2024): Established by Glen Mills, Usain Bolt’s coach, this event is a showcase of top-tier athletic talent. Last year’s Grand Prix was a thrilling display of speed and skill, setting high expectations for this year’s event.

The array of sporting events in Jamaica this year is a call to experience the energy and passion that define Jamaican athletics. From track and field to road running and charitable races, each event offers a unique insight into the island’s vibrant athletic spirit. Whether you’re a local, a visitor, or a sports enthusiast from afar, these events are a window into the heart of Jamaica’s athletic excellence and cultural vibrancy.

Photo – Reggae Marathon