Top Ten Jamaican Celebrity Quotes of the Week: "Who Said What?"

“When you’re training with the best, every day is a learning lesson. No matter how much you think you know there’s always room for improvement out there.” – Do you know which Jamaican Celebrity said that this week? See our top ten great Celebrity quotes to find out!

“It shows that your work a shot, yes. But when they take our thing as theirs and we don’t have a copyright to show ownership, that is theft. Reggaeton is big right across the world, but many people are of the view that it does not have anything to do with us” – Lutan Fyah, speaking on the fact that countries outside of Jamaica are replicating the Reggae music to the extent of having hybrid versions of Reggae, such as Reggaeton or Hawaii Reggae, but they are not recognizing Jamaica as the origin of such music and are blatantly disregarding artistes from Jamaica (

“#HappyBirthday @waynemarsheezy you are my once in a lifetime. Thank you for every blessed moment you have given me, every joke shared, every good word of advice (even when I don’t want to hear it) thank you for giving me a family, for being my ROCK and for always taking care of me. I love you like no other…you are a BLESSED man and I look forward to many more years. May all your dreams continue becoming REALITY. #iloveyou#myNUMBAone #yuhbettafindmeindinextlife #enoughmush #asyouwere” – Tami Chynn wihing husband Wayne Marshall a happy birthday. Wayne Marshall is now 34 years old (Instagram:Tami Chynn)

“With the release 30 years later, amid all the discussions on the legalization of herb in the States, it shows how relevant and timeless music can be” – Rita Marley, speaking on the re-release of the song One Draw which speaks to the use of marijuana. First released in 1981 One Draw was a record hit selling over 2 million copies worldwide (

“When you see me close my eyes on stage, that mean me gone in a high musical medz #ilovemusic” – Keznamdi tells of his love for music when he does this…#eyesclosedonstage (Facebook: Keznamdi)

“It is like a balanced equation. People that follow I-Octane embrace my reggae and dancehall songs, so I am trying to master both sides and want people to accept me as a balancer in reggae music.”- I-Octane – speaking on why he sings both reggae and dancehall songs and his love of music even as his album My Journey takes flight (

Behind the scenes with me and the legendary David Rodigan at BBC 1Xtra studios!” – Alborosie, sharing his interview picture with David Rodigan a lover of Reggae music ever since seeing Millie Smalls perform her 1964 hit My Boy Lollipop (Twitter: @Alborosie)

“I feel like I am truly blessed as this award is deeper than music. Thank you for allowing me to share this journey. Without you I would not have reached this milestone,” – Marcia Griffiths, giving thanks to VP Founder Pat Chin and Groovin’ in the Park Founder Christopher Roberts for receiving the Reggae Ambassador’s Award in New York with Judy Mowatt. Both are former back-up singers for Bob Marley in his harmony group the I-Threes (

“This ruling is not only unfair, it is patently unjust. Panels such as these, I understood, were assembled to allow athletes who consciously or unconsciously come into conflict with the rules of sport a chance at equitable redemption. Unfortunately, this was not the case.” – Asafa Powell, declaring the unfair and unjust way his trial was concluded and his mandate to fight the ruling by the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission Panel who gave him an 18 month ban similar to former teammate Sherone Simpson (

“The best part about my success is giving back.. Extremely honored to share my dream of never giving up and keep on believing with these boys” – Usain Bolt, giving back with his time and resources to the Alpha Boys’ Home (Facebook: Usain Bolt)

“When you’re training with the best, every day is a learning lesson. No matter how much you think you know there’s always room for improvement out there.” – Warren Weir, speaking of his love for track, his loyalty to his track club, the big brother he has in Usain Bolt and his mentor Coach Glen Mills in April’s Issue of Forever Spikes (