Top Ten Jamaican Celebrity Quotes of the Week: "Who Said What?"

“Hardcore dancehall music is promoted more than reggae. People are forced to accept what is being fed to them” – Do you know which Jamaican Celebrity said that this week? See our top ten great Jamaican quotes to find out!

“I think its just a combination of that timeless period of music. The rocksteady era contributed to Jamaican music and culture and I feel so honoured to have been given the chance to merge this era with that great period of Jamaican music” – Courtney John, speaking of his song Lucky Man which was the theme song for Unilever’s Axe Summer Holiday Campaign three years ago and will now be used as the soundtrack in the upcoming movie Chef (http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Courtney-John-s-Lucky-streak_16664697)

“My sister @unamorgan stopped by my farm follow @grampsfarm for all pirates things are moving” – Gramps Morgan, has this beautiful farm in Jamaica and there is a twitter account and hash tag for almost everything so follow on twitter @grampsfarms (Instagram: @grampsmorgan)

“Much love to all nurses today & everyday! Happy International Nurses Day. Special place in my heart for you” – Tifa, celebrating with all nurses remembering their integral role in her life as she spent a lot of time in hospitals and medical care in general as a child (Twitter: @itsthetifa)

“I do all genre… reggae, worship. So people can come see a varied band selection and a soulful rendition of paced music” – Jermaine Edwards, Digicel Brand Ambassador and five time Marlin Music Gspel Awardee speaks of what fans can expect when they turn up at Fun in the Son Gospel Music Concert, July 12 at the Portmore Town Center, St Catherine, Jamaica (http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Jermaine-Edwards-for-Fun-in-the-Son_16654749)

“She is my first love and the queen of my heart. Blessings to all the loving mothers out there that continue to care for the next generation #lionessofthepride #goldilocks #queenofmyheart” – Keznamdi, wishing his mom and others a Happy Mothers Day! (Instagram: @keznamdi)

“Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers… Love you mom #selfie #RIP” – Assassin, wishing all mothers a happy day and even though his mom is not here he hopes she is resting peacefully (Facebook: Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco)

” Thanks for the new amazing Spider-Man 2 energy boots” – Yohan Blake, getting some new gear from Adidas as he gets back on track though he has high hopes of starting a career in cricket when he hangs up his spikes (Twitter: @YohanBlake)

“Giving back to what helped you to get you here” – Tyson Beckford, working up a sweat in charity giving back to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America with other models from the Soul Artist Management modelling agency (Instagram: @tysoncbeckford)

“Happy birthday to my beautiful wife @MEELAmac” – Jah Cure, wishing his wife a happy birthday shortly after wishing her a happy mother’s day (Twitter: @theRealJahCure)

“Hardcore dancehall music is promoted more than reggae. People are forced to accept what is being fed to them. There are few (radio) stations who will play reggae songs but there is a lot of politics in the industry and I refuse to be part of that” – Hezron, commenting on the fact that the standard of Reggae hasn’t dropped as there is still good music out there but it is not getting enough airplay as dancehall takes precedence but what one can be sure of is his willingness to continue doing quality reggae music (http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Debut-set-from-hezron_16643360)

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