Top Ten Tings some Yaadie do wen dem deh a faarin (The US)

We all know that some Jamaicans transform whenever they set foot on foreign soil. It doesn’t matter if they are visiting America for a few weeks. So let us look at the top ten things that some Jamaicans do when they go abroad.

10. They “twang  haad. ” “Yeah mane, it cold bad mane.” We are reminded that a yaadie is across the seas whenever we hear a bad attempt at the American accent. The accent is such an embattled field for these transitioners. Jamaicans, keep your accent nuh.

9. They buy a lot of clothes. You can get these items at really low prices.  Cheap back yard deals are rampant.

8. They eat “nuff food.”  Cheap food exists over Uncle Sam’s place. And many Jamaicans take advantage of its superfluity.

7. They send a barrel or two. Surely, “barrel sending” is a well known tradition amongst Jamaicans living abroad. They definitely have to send something for their family back home.

6.  They talk about the crime in Jamaica and how “ di place mash up .” Also some are even undecided as to whether they would return home.

5.   Some Jamaican women buy booties. And they finally get to wear the fur ones. They won’t look like desert santa in foreign lands.

4. Some celebrate the National Holidays such as American independence, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Ground Hog’s Day, Columbus Day and even Pearl Harbour Day.

3.   They keep abreast of Jamaican current affairs. Also some have to keep up with the latest suss.

2.  They complain about how much they miss Jamaican food and “how the foreign food nuh have no taste.”

1.  They cry about how they want to go back home and they can’t “manage” the cold. Yes, many a Jamaican have been home sick after spending several years in foreign land.

So if you are a “Jamaican transitioner” and you have not displayed any form of these behaviours, “a wah  wrong  wid  yuh?”

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Whitney Watts