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True Paradise, The Conclusion

Ok, by the time I get back to the room I have calmed down some. I think I was in shock or something. All I kept thinking was, “how did this happen?” I just wanted to sing a simple song by an artist that I really like, that’s all. How did this studio stuff get thrown in the mix? Puddin’ told me to go take a shower and try to relax because we had a busy day coming up. He rubbed me down and made me forget for a little while about all that had transpired. I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning we got up early because we were going on a shopping tour and I wanted to ‘shop til I dropped’. We were on our way to breakfast and a gentleman spoke to me, he said, “so does he need to call Tyrone?” I just laughed it off and said, “most definitely not.” I’m thinking, “Uh O, what have I done?” We finished breakfast and decided to stop in the gift shop at the resort while we were waiting for the van to come. I was admiring a necklace or something and someone behind me said, “good morning,” I turned around and said, “good morning.” He then proceeded to tell me that he really enjoyed my performance and that I had nothing to be nervous about because I did a great job. I kinda held my head down and thought to myself, “oh no”, I really didn’t want to remember last night. I was hoping that it was a dream and I really didn’t do that. I soon found out that that was not going to be the case. It was like I became some overnight celebrity or something because the people on the van were talking about it. I’m like, “dang, did everyone in the resort hear me last night?” Puddin’ just laughed and said, “look’s like it, huh?” He started talking about being my manager and scheduling appointments. He got a kick out of it. Now me, I’m just embarrassed as all get out. Well, needless to say. I shopped til he almost dropped. We got back to the resort and I still had all this nervous energy and Puddin’ says, “You know what we could do now?” I’m thinking, “Get me some, right?” WRONG.

He wants to go parasailing. Yippee!!! All I care to say about the parasailing is that I did it and it does count if my eyes were closed! For dinner that night, I think it was Reggae night and everyone had to eat on the beach. Everything was beautiful. I think there were food and tables stretched out for a good half mile. There was so much food and it was delicious. There were these beautiful ice sculptures that looked like angels and the band was awesome. Did I tell you we had entertainment every night with dinner? I meant to if I didn’t. There were kids playing kettledrums. I guess that’s what you call em. That band was awesome. We were sitting outside and the mosquitoes were attacking with a vengeance. People were fussing and complaining about being eaten up and Puddin’ just smiled and asked me how did I know to bring the can of “Off”? Puddin’ was walking around recording the band and the setup. I felt a raindrop and I ran to him and told him that it was time to go. I was literally dragging this man on the beach towards our room. He thought I was being frisky and told me that we had plenty of time for that. I just laughed out real loud and then the sky just opened up and it started pouring down raining. He just gave me this, “how did you know expression.” I laughed and said, “you know I love you right?”

We got a little wet but not as wet as some of the people who had just gotten their plates and were trying to eat. After we got back to the room we decided to sit outside in our living room and watch the rain and just talk. We talked about how full our day was and all the people that commented on the show the night before and how good it felt just being together. We laughed at how it took him ten months just to get me to go to the movies with him. We had a candle in the room and decided to bring it outside. The atmosphere was so romantic and peaceful.

We snuggled up for a while and just held each other. I think I knew right at that moment what comfortable silence means. We didn’t have to keep talking; all we had to do was just be. That night I felt as though a bond was created that was never to be broken. We connected on a spiritual level as well as a physical one out on the porch in the rain. What a way to bring in a birthday. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Now, that makes three things that were either fantasy or dream fulfilled. We took 37 out with a bang. Afterwards, we went for a long walk on the beach and they were showing the movie called Duplex. We sat there for a few minutes but decided that we were having too much fun walking and kissing under the stars and decided to continue on with that. I guess I will wrap it up here because everything that happened after Friday is either to mushy to tell or just plain boring. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my very first trip report and hope to have many more to share in the future.

Its Saturday, my birthday and we didn’t have anything special planned. The only thing I wanted to do is lay on the beach and get my tan on. So after breakfast that’s just what I did. You know what I discovered? I discovered that tanning is abuse to one’s body. I was cooking in that hot sun. I would lie out for about 20 minutes and run and jump in the ocean to cool off. Puddin’ laughed at me and we played around in the water for a while until he told me to turn around and look at the jellyfish that was swimming by me. It was a pretty clear purple color; I recorded it for a while. It was really close to us and I decided that my days of swimming in the ocean were done. Had too many fun stories to tell and didn’t want to come home injured and on my birthday at that. We just kinda spent the day lounging around.

Couple’s has hammocks that I had been dying to get into. Puddin and I got into one of those things and rocked and slept for hours with the breeze blowing on us. When it was time for dinner, we got dressed and walked into the dining area. Puddin said that he forgot something in the room and he would be right back. I went to the bar and ordered my drink of choice, (rum punch). After about 20 minutes I was starting to get concerned when he hadn’t returned. I ordered my second drink and decided to get a table for us. When he still hadn’t returned after another 20 minutes or so, I started to go back to the room. Just as I was about to get up, he came in. I didn’t say anything. I thought maybe he got stuck in the bathroom or something. LOL While we were having dinner he made a comment about being gone so long and I told him what I thought and he laughed and said, “No that is not where I was.” So now my curiosity was getting to me. I asked him was something wrong and he said, “yes.” I was beginning to get nervous. Then he started telling me that he loved me very much and how he was having a wonderful time and glad that we were there. By now I’m smiling and thinking to myself, “I really love this man.” He slides this box on the table and I’m asking, “What’s this?” He says Happy Birthday, I tell him that I thought the trip was a birthday present; I wasn’t expecting a gift too. Now, I’m getting all teary eyed and proceed to open the box and it’s a beautiful necklace and earrings. Y’all, know I had to kiss that man right there in the dining room and I’m not talking about a peck either.

Mark E Mark was performing and we were minding our own business enjoying the show when he stops and says, “Is Dora in the house?” I look at Puddin and he looks at me and says, “It wasn’t me.” Now, I’m trying to slide down in the chair cause I don’t want to be called out. Well, it didn’t work for long cause Puddin goes, “here she is.” He comes over to the table and tells me that he hears today is my birthday and he wants to hear me sing. I could have died right there on the spot. I smiled and told him thank you and no. Then Leethan comes out from the back and hugs me and hands me a big bottle of rum and a polo shirt, with a card that says happy birthday from the staff at Couple’s Swept Away. The tears were flowing then for real. I felt so special and loved at that moment. Mark E Mark continued with the show and we danced and sang along with him. I don’t think I will ever have a better birthday than this one. Sunday flew by in a blur. I don’t even remember what we did that day other than pack. I think it’s because we knew we were leaving on Monday and the sadness was trying to take over. We got up Monday morning whining because we just weren’t ready to leave. We knew the reality of the situation and that we had to return to the real world, where we have all of our responsibilities and pressures. I was sad because I had to leave what I thought was True Paradise. I didn’t want that feeling to end.

The memories that Will and I shared and the bond that was strengthened between us was coming home with us and that made it a little easier for us to leave We held each other before we left the room with a knowing that what we discovered in each other was much deeper and stronger than it was before we left Memphis. Puddin whined all the way to the airport and I slept. He whined when we got home and I slept. He whined the next morning when he wanted an omelet for breakfast. I laughed. I told him he got spoiled in Jamaica and he was back in the real world now. Get in that kitchen and make your own eggs. LOL


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