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Two contracts filed but summons is for one of the contracts

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QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I went into two separate contracts with a friend in Jamaica. She fell through on both. The total sum was US$300.00. I visited the Court office, and to file my claim I wrote up the papers, but then the summons I got to give the lady only said US$200.00 the sum on the second contract.

What should I do? I am leaving the island on Friday, in two days.

Maria Ciardie,

RESPONSE: Dear Maria. 

It seems if you had everything in order that you should return to the Court office and have them review the documents and reissue another summons for the full amount. Its possible the particulars of the first contract was not clear or had enough evidence to convince them of a worthy claim. If this is the case, please consult an attorney or someone who can ably assist you. The clerk of the Courts should also be willing to assist you. 

Legal Wiz

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