Two Jamaican Locations Named in USA Today Best Snorkeling Spots in the Caribbean

Jamaica’s Booby Cay and Montego Bay Marine Park have been included on USA Today’s list of the best places for snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Booby Cay in Negril, sometimes called “Gilligan’s Island” by locals, gets its name from a type of tern known as the booby bird that returns to the small island every year to mate and nest. The island was the site of many scenes in the film “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and offers an excellent place for snorkeling fans, including those who may not be up to diving in deeper waters. On view are shipwrecked cannon and an anchor under the sea. There are many coral reefs that provide a breeding ground for large populations of marine life in the offshore sanctuary. Its location close to the hotels and resorts of Negril makes it a popular spot. Also perfect for scuba diving, swimming, and bird watching. Booby Cay island is open to the public 24 hours a day.

The Montego Bay Marine Park comprises a protected area of the sea on the north coast of Jamaica. It is managed by the Montego Bay Marine Park Trust, which is responsible for preserving the natural environment to educate communities about the importance of marine resources. The Park includes four main beaches: Doctor’s Cave Beach, Aquasol Beach, Cornwall Beach, and Dead End Beach. The area’s coral reefs and mangroves offer prime snorkeling experiences, including snorkeling tours that offer views of underwater caves and schools of colorful tropical fish. Visiting the Park can be an all-day adventure, and the park offers all necessary facilities and amenities, including lifeguards, and the Pier One Bar and Grill for dining.

Info and Photo Source: USA Today, 123rf