Uber Eats Reveals Top 5 Caribbean Restaurants In London

Uber Eats Reveals Top 5 Caribbean Restaurants In London

According to Uber Eats, Londoners favor a specific set of Caribbean restaurants when they have a yen for the cuisine of the islands. The Top 5 Caribbean restaurants in London as noted by Uber Eats are as follows.

1.Turtle Bay (Brixton and Croydon): An eatery favored for its ambiance as well as its food choices. Diners cite its Happy Hour and its featured Caribbean, Jamaican, vegetarian and began options, as well as its friendly staff.

2.Coconut Palm Jerk Centre (Bromley): Highly rated for its flavorful cuisine, with particular mention by diners of the curry goat and oxtail. Called “the real deal” by fans of Caribbean food.

3.Flavours of Norbury (Norbury): Highly rated for its authentic menu and excellent lunch prices, as well as its helpful and friendly staff. Special mention of the vegetarian options and the goat curry.

4.Juicy Roots (Tottenham): Cited for its excellent fried fish, its quick made-to-order menu, and friendly staff.

5.Brown Eagle Caribbean Cuisine (Enfield and Tottenham): Fans report amazing and authentic Caribbean food and great service.

Based on the choices of diners attending London’s’ Notting Hill Carnival, one of the biggest street festivals in Europe, the Top 10 Caribbean dishes favored by Londoners include Jerk chicken, which is chicken that has been marinated in a spicy jerk sauce and then grilled; the dumpling burger, a deep-tried, sweet and ” moreish” dumpling in a burger; Curry Goat, a rich curry made with goat meat; Oxtail stew, a hearty stew dish made with oxtails and beans; Chicken stew that which features peppers and spices with the chicken; Caribbean punch, a fruity rum beverage; the Jamaican beef patty, a pastry filled with various meat or vegetable fillings and spices; Mac and cheese, a cheesy dish of baked pasta; Plantain, a fruit member of the banana family that is sliced up and fried; and ackee and saltfish, the Jamaican national dish featuring the ackee fruit mixed with salt cod.

Photo source: Turtle Bay

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