UK Parliament Kitchens Offer Jerk Chicken, the Politicians’ Favorite

UK Parliament Kitchens Offer Jerk Chicken the Politicians Favorite

Jerk chicken is the most popular dish prepared in the kitchens of Parliament in the United Kingdom. The recipe for the legendary dish is actively sought after by politicians, reporters, and staff, and there is even a Twitter account dedicated to the recipe in honor of Speaker John Bercow that occasionally publishes lunchtime public service announcements. According to Nick Munting, the sous chef who started in the royal kitchens in the 1980s and is now in charge of several cafeteria venues within the Parliamentary estate, the original recipe for the jerk chicken came from another sous chef named Sean McNellis, who retired and returned to his family in Ireland. Munting said there is no secret about the recipe; anyone who asks for it can get it, and when the jerk chicken is on offer, Munting says “hundreds and hundreds” of orders for it come in. He noted that the response to the jerk chicken dish has been the same since Portcullis House was first opened some 15 years ago when McNellis introduced the recipe. The kitchens at Parliament provide dining for the approximately 15,000 people who come through the landmark venue each day and do between 8,000 and 10,000 transactions. His department has a staff of 210, including chefs, stewards, and backroom personnel. Munting revealed that he and his team have placed a time capsule within the walls of their kitchens with photographs, menus, and a paring knife and peeler so that future workers will know what their life was like.

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