Unique Mineral Spring in Bath, Jamaica, is a Natural Gift to Well-Being

Mineral springs are soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic – and Jamaica is home to one of the most unique in the world. The mineral spring in Bath, located in St Thomas, has both cold and thermally heated mineral waters rising from deep below the surface that flow from two rocks.

Steeped in the nation’s history, the mineral spring was originally discovered in the 1690s by a runaway slave. After soaking in its waters, he discovered that wounds and injuries that had afflicted him for many years had begun to heal.

At the risk of incurring punishment at the hands of the slave owner, he returned and shared his find. The property upon which the mineral spring sets was sold to the government in 1699 and is now a Jamaica National Heritage Trust.

The mineral waters in Jamaica are fed to bathhouses at the Bath Fountain Hotel & Spa for guests through a system of bamboo pipes. The spring’s waters are very hot, rich in lime, magnesium, and sulfur, and are believed to be beneficial for those suffering from skin diseases and joint ailments.

Visitors can enjoy a 20-minute soak in the waters in the spa’s Roman-style baths or Jacuzzis to rejuvenate body and spirit. Individuals can pamper themselves with a mineral bath, massage, body scrub, deep pore cleansing, and lunch.

Mineral springs have been highly sought and utilized for centuries for their healing attributes. They were especially important in ancient Rome where Roman soldiers, gladiators, and the wealthy regularly visited the local spas.

The mineral springs in Bath provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy one of Jamaica’s most highly sought experiences. Utilized for their healing attributes, the mineral spring is an excellent way to relax, alleviate aches and pains, boost circulation, and enjoy the gift of healing waters available in Jamaica.

Photo source: Youtube