32 American Expressions Translated To Jamaican Patois
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32 American Expressions Translated To Jamaican Patois

American expressions translated to Jamaican Patois.

Learn how you would say some American expressions in Jamaican Patois.

USA: It’s been a long time since I have seen you, girl.
JA: Gal yuh noh dead yet?

USA: Lord, we have lost electricity again!
JA: Lawd Gad, current lack aff again!

USA: Where did you buy that awful bracelet, Cindy?
JA: A weh yuh buy dat deh big ole ugly bangle deh, missus?

USA: Hors d’oeuvres.
JA: Ah wah dis likkle sinting yuh a gi me?

USA: I think something is wrong with Susan, she might have the flu.
JA: Lawd Gad, breeze tek up Suzie!

USA: Girl, those shoes are the bomb.
JA: Gyal, yuh roach killa dem a seh one out deh.

USA: Oh my gosh, I just broke Mom’s expensive plate.
JA: Lawd mi Gad, mi bruk up Mama stoosh crackry.

USA: Aren’t those pants a bit short?
JA: Yuh did a expect flood ar yuh tek yuh measurement inna wata?

USA: Why are you squeezing the mangoes like that?
JA: Lissen mi nuh, mi a beg yuh stap fingle-fingle up di mango dem.

USA: Sir, please don’t throw my luggage like that.
JA: Aye buff teet bwoy, tap fling up-fling up mi bag dem suh man.

USA: I wish you would quit lying.
JA: Tap di blinkin lyin, yuh ole liyad.

USA: Lift the hood off the car for me, John.
JA: Hey my yute, fly di bonnet!

USA: I am waiting for a taxi and it’s taking so long.
JA: But wait, no Robot naw run tidey!

USA: Oh the poor little boy is handicapped.
JA: But cooh pan di lickle invalid.

USA: Get me a pop please.
JA: Beg yuh carry wan aerated wata fi mi deh .

USA: It’s time for a perm.
JA: Gal yuh head waan cream, yuh noh si how it tough an tan bad!

USA: Yuck!! This is nasty.
JA: Kiss mi neck back!! What a sinting tyase bad an incipid.

USA: Girl, your acne is terrible.
JA: Massi Gad, pickney yuh face bumpy-bumpy an fayva grayta eeh?

USA: Please make some room in the bus so this man can sit.
JA: Schoolas, small up unnu self man mek Daddy siddung.

USA: I have a stomach ache.
JA: Mi belly ah gripe mi.

USA: These mangoes look a bit over ripe.
JA: Missus, move fram in front ah mi wid dem fluxy mango deh.

USA: She has a bit of an overbite.
JA: Gyal fayva buckteet Ida.

USA: He has very large full eyes.
JA: Wat ah bway fayva patoo.

USA: He has no manners.
JA: Im noh have noh broughtupsy!

USA: Perspiration odor.
JA: Him smell green.

USA: Poached (boiled) chicken.
JA: Dat deh sinting nuh staat cook yet.

USA: Oh dear.
JA: Ee-eeeee.

USA: Josh is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.
JA: Di pickney too hard eaize!

USA: He has a touch of Dyslexia.
JA: What a bway dunce sah.

USA: I need a bottle of Pepto Bismal..my stomach hurts.
JA: Lawd, mi coulda do wid a wash out yah nung .. mi belly bine up.

USA: That man over there is missing his dentures.
JA: Cooh pan dat deh mashmout bredda ova deh soh.

USA: Oh my, your feet are so ashy…
JA: Yuh foot tuff laka aligata bak…yuh couldn’t rub likkle coknut ile pon yuh foot?

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